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Zakarpattia Brandy 5*

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A new beverage – a new chapter in Zakarpattia winemaking history! VSOP Brandy: its 5 stars signify noble brandy spirits aged for a minimum of 5 years. Further maturation in barrels from Chateau Chizay wine. This is how the soul of the grape tastes!

Zakarpattia brandy boasts a complex aroma with hints of dried fruits, figs, dates, tones of vanilla, and roasted nuts, developed over 5 years of aging noble brandy spirits in oak barrels. The aromatic palette unfolds into a rich and balanced taste that lingers. We recommend serving it at room temperature (or warming the glass in your hands), focusing on the aroma first and then savoring the velvety taste.

Best enjoyed in the company of an interesting and friendly conversation, Zakarpattia brandy will enhance your evening and serve as an excellent digestif after dinner. Additionally, we recommend indulging in the Zakarpattia tradition of savoring brandy with coffee.

Experience the true essence of Zakarpattia!

  • Color - amber

  • Aroma - complex with nuances of dried fruits, figs, dates, tones of vanilla, and roasted nuts

  • Taste of wine - soft, pronounced, with hints of dried fruits and notes of aging

  • Alc. - 40%

  • Aged in a barrel - 5 years

  • Volume - 0.5 l

  • dessert


  • fruit


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