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The third beverage in the Grape Blend series, where Chateau Chizay creatively combines grape varieties from its own vineyards. This time, we drew inspiration from red grapes and wine. Crafted from grape distillate obtained from red grape varieties and matured for 12 months in oak barrels from “Kagor Zakarpatsky” dessert wine, Grape Red Blend has gained an original character, embodying the style of noble brandy.

The beverage is enriched with aromas of chocolate, prunes, and dried dark berries, noticeable in its pronounced taste.

We recommend savoring it as a digestif, at the end of a meal. It pairs well with black chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, and even berry pies. A great idea is to enjoy it with coffee, following the Transcarpathian tradition.

Serve at room temperature, sipping slowly and thoughtfully, relishing the aroma and revealing the nuances of its rich flavor.

If you love grape brandies, be sure to try Grape Red Blend.

Looking for new taste experiences? Choose this beverage and discover something special.

  • Color - amber

  • Aroma - chocolate, prunes, dried berries

  • Taste of wine - soft, pronounced, with hints of dried fruits and notes of aging

  • Alc. - 42%

  • Aged in a barrel - 12 months

  • Volume - 0.5 l

  • dessert


  • fruit


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