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Cherry liqueur

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Cherry liqueur is created based on grape distillate from the multi-stage distillation of wine made from selected grapes. It has a rich sweet cherry flavor with delicate hints of cherry pit.

  • The color is reminiscent of a fully ripened berry shining in the sun.
  • Contrary to expectations, the aroma will not immediately introduce you to the cherry – at first, you will sense the grape essence of the noble wine distillate that forms the basis of the beverage.
  • The taste will speak to you not only of the juiciness of the cherry but also the piquancy of its pit.
  • It pairs perfectly with desserts or enjoyed on its own as a digestif.

The liqueur will encourage pleasant relaxation and thoughts of what’s important and dear.

A wonderful drink for cozy get-togethers! Sip and savor every drop!

  • Color - ruby

  • Aroma - pleasant fruity tones dominated by cherries

  • Taste of wine - rich, with a delicate note of cherry pit

  • Alc. - 21%

  • Sugar - 160 g/l

  • Volume - 0.5 l

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