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Noble, strong, yet delicate. Grape Gold Blend is a unique beverage with a light amber color, created from grape distillate that has aged for 6 months in barrels previously used for the dessert wine “Troyanda Carpat”. During this time, Grape Gold Blend has gained the aromas of aging and acquired a sweet, smooth taste with a long finish.

At its core, the drink is a blend of juicy Zakarpattia grapes from Chateau Chizay own vineyards and classic brandy-making techniques, where the noble distillate is aged in precious oak. Barrels from the legendary “Troyanda Carpat” have added both a natural shade of white gold and a special charm to the bouquet of Grape Gold Blend.

  • The color is light amber with a golden sheen.
  • Aroma – elegant floral-fruity and grape nuances and special notes of aging in oak.
  • The taste is soft, warm, slightly sweet, with a long aftertaste.

Chateau Chizay “Golden” beverage is delicious as a digestif, with appetizers, cheese and meat delicacies, and thanks to its softness and sweet finish, it pairs well even with fruits or moderately sweet pastries.

  • Aroma - elegant floral-fruity and grape notes, along with special oak aging notes

  • Taste of wine - soft, warm, slightly sweet, with a long aftertaste

  • Alc. - 42%

  • Aged in a barrel - 6 months

  • Volume - 0.5 l

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