Chateau Chizay

It is interesting to make quality wines.
But we want more.
We are not happy to be just the best.
We have to be unique.

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Latest news about life in our beloved Chateau Chizay. We share with you everything about our passion: winemaking and wines, modern trends, events and happenings around.


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Chateau Chizay wines
are made from own grapes only

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Restaurant and mini-hotel "Chizay. Mala Hora"



Winemaker Chiz Museum

Our oldest wine press is 300 years old, but the tradition of winemaking in our region is much older. At the Winemaker Chiz Museum, you can see the old viticulture and winemaking equipment, and find out how our ancestors produced the legendary drink. One of two wine museums in Ukraine is open every day.

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Chateau Chizay Academy

Educational and social projects from our team. We spread knowledge about winemaking, develop a culture of wine consumption in Ukraine. We become better and ready to help others.

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