Restaurant “Chizay. Mala Hora”

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Our restaurant

Certain restaurants attract visitors not only by their cuisine, but also a special location and atmosphere. The restaurant “Mala Gora” is located at the foot of the grape plantation of Mala Gora (Little Mountain) and serves delicious dishes, combining Transcarpathian, European and Mediterranean cuisine!

The landscape is its main adornment, and the natural light is used to emphasize the stylish interior. The restaurant is suitable for guests, from a few and up to 200 people, with its own parking area and a playground. Among the special dishes is escargot from the snails of the first Transcarpathian farm, products from eco-creameries(cheese-dairies), Spanish soup “rabo de toro”, (in Transcarpathia available only here) and other dishes that are the most savour of wine. The restaurant is an ideal place for a romantic dinner, a family holiday, a corporate banquet and a gala event. We are waiting for you. “Chizay Mala Gora” is something special!

The menu

Try delicious food from our Cheff. Local specialties and traditional european cuisine.

Recipes from our chief’s table

news-archive Transcarpathian Bograch

Bograch is a traditional Transcarpathian dish that we borrowed from Hungarian national cuisine. This is a spicy and thick soup, which we cook on open fire of three types of meat, vegetables and greens. In fact, in Hungary, this meal is called simply Goulash, and in the world – Hungarian goulash. If Goulash is cooked […]

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news-archive Escargot – Traditional Ukrainian cuisine!

Escargot – snails are Transcarpathian exotic! We bake them with butter and Parmesan and recommend as an appetizer before the main meal. It might seem that this is a completely borrowed dish, but not everything is so simple. At the beginning of the XIX century, Transcarpathia was part of the Austrian Empire (long before the […]

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news-archive Black Dumplings with turkey stuffing with white mushroom sauce

Black Dumplings with turkey stuffing and white mushrooms sauce is one of our favourite snacks. This dish is interesting not only for its appearance, but also for its unsurpassed taste! Just think about that kind of fusion – combination cuttlefish inks from the Mediterranean with the taste of Transcarpathian white mushrooms! A juicy stuffing of […]

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news-archive Transcarpathian delicatessen plate

The Transcarpathian delicatessen plate is made for two people. And it’s no secret that the Transcarpathian cuisine is very meaty and nutritious. It combined all the cuisines of neighbouring European countries and peoples who lived in this territory: Hungarian, German, Czech, Slovak, Jewish, Romanian and Hutsul, Lemkos and Boikos cuisines. Once a year in the […]

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