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About us

Chateau Chizay is a legendary story about love and wine

Why Chateau?

Chateau is a country manor surrounded by vineyards. With this French concept and its aesthetics, we were inspired when creating Chateau Chizay, which is near the ancient town of Berehove.

Transcarpathia is a historic vinicultural land. Hillsides of the volcanic Carpathians, a lot of the sun and sufficient water amount predetermined the development of winemaking on these lands since ancient times. Transcarpathian wines were supplied to courtyards of medieval kings and nobles, even presidents of modern states. The culture of Transcarpathian winemaking is unique because during historical vicissitudes it incorporated Hungarian, Italian and Austrian traditions. It is the result of this cultural composition that gave such an interesting and colourful product as Transcarpathian wine.

  • 272 hectares
    of grapes
  • 1,3 million
    bottles per year
  • 250 barrels

And we at Chateau Chizay make it exclusively from our Transcarpathian grapes. 272 hectares of grapes on the perfect terroir of Transcarpathia. We have craftsmen who respect local traditions and were educated on modern winemaking in Europe. Inspiration from history, energy for the future – both are added to our bouquet of wines.

Wine Complex Chateau Chizay was founded in 1995 in the natural area of Chizay, near the town of Berehove in Transcarpathia. We built modern production from scratch, but with a focus on local history of winemaking. Our principles are diligence and honesty, respect for nature and love for what we do.

To do fine qualitative wines is interesting, but we want more. We are not happy to be just the best. We have to be unique.

We create a new history of winemaking in Transcarpathia and Europe, and today Chateau Chizay is not a winery, but a winemaking town, a noble craft centre and a man-made wonder of Transcarpathia.

Yes, we do wine. But more than wine. We create emotions and a new fame of the Transcarpathian Wine.

This is the philosophy of Chateau Chizay. We know what we do and love it!

Welcome to our world!

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Where does history begin?

Let us introduce you the founder of the Wine Complex Gennadiy Gutman with a portrait of his grandfather, who taught him to love wine and his native land. But everything started much earlier …

The beginning of XIII century. King of Hungary, István II gave the land to his subordinate named Csepán. In 1230 his son Csiz (Chiz) became the heir of this land. Ownership was called Chiz Thai, “the estate of Chiz”. Subsequently, the area will be called “Chizay”.

XV century. The wine manor in the natural area of Chizay appeared on Hungarian maps. It was wine supplier to the rulers of Mukachevo castle, the royal courts of Europe and kings of the northern lands.

XVIII and XIX centuries. The time of Austria-Hungary ruling was the time of heyday. Local wine makers improved their skills, the region’s wine was known in Europe.

1870s Grape phylloxera came to Transcarpathia with new vines. The pest destroyed more than half of the vineyards in Europe.

The end of XIX – beginning of XX century. Technologies of viticulture and winemaking were developing. Plants of European and local varieties were planted in Transcarpathia.

1919 Berehove, which was under Romanian rule for not a long time was withdrawn to Czechoslovakia.

From 1938 to 1944 Hungarian era continued, and with it the winemaking tradition developed.

1945 Transcarpathia was annexed to the Soviet Union. The new system destroyed usual economy, but the traditions were not lost. Establishment of agricultural enterprises contributed to the expansion of vineyard areas.

1950s-60s The industrial area of grapes in the region amounted to 14,000 hectares.

1985-1988 “Anti-Alcohol Campaign”. Most of the vineyards were destroyed in Transcarpathia, European varieties were cut down, Isabella took their place. Transcarpathia still has not recovered the loss.

1995 – A new enterprise was built on the site of the old winemaking manor Chizay.

2000 – We produced a million bottles of wine a month.

2005 – The building turned into a country palace. Chateau Chizay got the status of a tourist attraction.

2006 – We based our own grape plantations. The vineyard area of Chateau Chizay is 272 hectares. This is 1 million 88 thousand seedlings.

2016 – The best red wines were aged in barriques made of French oak. In 2018 we continue to produce a premium collection of aged wines and introducing new white aged wines.

2018 – We started an educational project Chateau Chizay Academy. We develop the brand of “Transcarpathian Wine” with the dream of well-being of our wine-growing and winemaking region. We started Direct distribution of wines in HoReCa.

2019 –  A new “Museum of winemaker Chiz” is opened. Partnership program “Bordeaux-Transcarpathia” is started and a festival “Young wine celebration” is introduced in Chateau Chizay!

2020 – despite the crisis and quarantine, we released a completely new unique product – White grape brandy, distilling aromatic wine Chersegi.

The story goes on…

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272 Hectares of Marvel

Chateau Chizay vineyards are a man-made marvel of Transcarpathia. To create them, we have united human labour, generous nature and the latest knowledge.

We arranged plantations in those regions of the area that were traditional vineyards, and where conditions are recognized perfect for the cultivation of vine.

The best soils, mostly of volcanic origin, southern hillsides and mild climate, which allows not to use artificial watering – the locations of our vineyards have the status of unique Carpathian terroir.

  • 3 vineyards
    in Zakarpattia
  • More than 1 million
  • 14 grape

Chateau Chizay vineyard planting in 2006 was an event in Ukraine. We arranged our new plantations using new technology with the help of the best Austrian specialists, methods and seedlings.

And the next season we helped our colleagues from other regions of Ukraine who craved for sharing our experience.

Now our 272 hectares are 1 million 88 thousand grape bushes, one vine per each Transcarpathian inhabitant.

These are white and red European varieties of grapes. Pink Traminer, Rhine Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc are among our favourite but not the only ones.

We improve and expand the varietal composition of our plantations, paying attention to classical and local grapes.

In Transcarpathia we say: “Wine loves the sun and shadow of the owner.” The number of sunny days in our vineyards is the greatest in the region, and our craftsmen approach each bush at least 5 times a season.

Today, our vineyards are not only plantations where raw materials for wine grow. This is a tourist attraction and the most beautiful place where Chateau Chizay hosts guests. Walking along vineyards is not only a striking photo. We are sure: the spirit of Transcarpathia lives here, here is the inspiration of our enterprise. We know what we do and love it!

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