Posted: 29.06.2018

Transcarpathian Bograch

Bograch is a traditional Transcarpathian dish that we borrowed from Hungarian national cuisine. This is a spicy and thick soup, which we cook on open fire of three types of meat, vegetables and greens.

In fact, in Hungary, this meal is called simply Goulash, and in the world – Hungarian goulash. If Goulash is cooked in a cauldron, then the dish is called Bogrash-goulash. Why? Because Bograch in translation is a cauldron.

In Transcarpathia, a short name is used – Bograch, and the eastern-Hungarian style of cooking this dish. In addition to vegetables, meat, red paprika and cumin, you will feel interesting ingredient- the little dumplings – Chipetke.

Nowadays Bograch can be found practically in every restaurant and cafe of Transcarpathia. Fashion for this dish was transferred to other big cities of Ukraine. We invite you to taste our Bograch and recommend the dry Merlot to this colourful dish!


Vitaliy Kovach

Renowned Ukrainian sommelier

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