Posted: 29.06.2018

Transcarpathian delicatessen plate

The Transcarpathian delicatessen plate is made for two people. And it’s no secret that the Transcarpathian cuisine is very meaty and nutritious. It combined all the cuisines of neighbouring European countries and peoples who lived in this territory: Hungarian, German, Czech, Slovak, Jewish, Romanian and Hutsul, Lemkos and Boikos cuisines.

Once a year in the nearby village of Gecha there is a festival of butchers, who in Hungarian are called Genteshi. Many guests come to this festival to eat fresh meat. Thanks to our farm, you have the opportunity to taste Gentheshi dishes throughout the year.

The composition of this assortment includes several kinds of meat snacks only of our own production! Namely – Gurkha (special home-made sausages), piknytsia (home-made sausages), kupaty (fried thin sausages), streaky bacon and potatoes in peasant style with bacon grease. And of course, good wine will improve the mood for such a gourmet meal. We recommend the unique Ice Wine!


Fedir Shandor

Professor, President of the Regional Tourist Association of Zakarpattia

Whether it’s a friendly company or a large group, leisure with a glass of delicious wine will be remembered as a holiday. And how else can you spend time in Zakarpattia on Berehove? Of course, it’s relaxation in a thermal complex. I congratulate the leaders in their fields – the Thermal Complex and Aquapark Kosyno, and the Winery Chateau Chizay, on combining their efforts and creating such a tour. It includes a balanced optimal program for a day trip – relaxation for the body in thermal waters, a gastronomic component, cognitive, and of course, high-quality Transcarpathian wine for the soul! This tour is perfect as a one-day component of a longer visit to Zakarpattia, or even as a corporate event for a day. I recommend it as a professional tourism expert and a professional tourist!


Ice Wine

Golden Collection

617 UAH

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