Terms and Conditions


  1. The following abbreviations are used in these Terms and Conditions:

The Seller is “Wine Company Chateau Chisay”, which produces wines and other wine products, and owns the brand store Chizay,

Buyer is a physical person who buys the products from the Seller at Chizay store as a final consumer, and instructs the Agent to pay for the products from the Buyer’s funds, to pack the Products and arrange their delivery to the Buyer,

Products are wine and other products of the Seller,

The Agent is a company or an individual to whom the Buyer has entrusted to pay for the Product at Chateau Chizay store, to pack the Products and arrange their delivery to the Buyer,

Sale of Products – Retail Sales of Products to the Seller.

  1. In order to carry out the retail purchase of products, as well as to arrange Delivery of Products to the Buyer, the Buyer entrusts to the Agent
    • To take orders for the purchase of Products at Chateau Chizay brand store,
    • In accordance with the agreed order, to accept funds for the payment of Products and services of the Agent, to pay on behalf of the Buyer the cost of Products to the cash office of Chateau Cizay store,
    • To provide quality packaging of Products, and send them to the delivery service Nova Poshta,
    • To send the Products to the address indicated by the Buyer, or to Nova Poshta office, according to the Buyer’s request. Address details are provided by the Buyer.
  2. Payment for products and services of the Agent is made to the account of the Agent by means of payment systems at chizay.com, or in other way depending on the Buyer.
  3. Free delivery of Products is subject to the Buyer’s compliance with the conditions specified on the website chizay.com in section “Delivery and Payment”
  4. The Buyer guarantees that he or she is not subject to any age and/or other restrictions on the purchase of wine products. In case of violation of this guarantee, the Buyer undertakes to compensate the Seller for losses related to possible sanctions of supervising authorities.
  5. The Buyer is obliged to check the completeness and integrity of the Products at Nova Poshta office/branch (upon receipt of Products at the branch) or by a courier (at delivery address). In the event of damage to the Products, the Buyer is required to fill a claim against Nova Poshta.
  6. When receiving the Products at Nova Poshta office or by a courier, the Buyer confirms that the Products are not damaged, received in full and in assortment according to the order.

In case of any discrepancies detected when receiving the Products, the Buyer must notify the Agent without delay by phone number: (050) 430-20-60, (067) 640-20-60