Yoga, Art, Nordic tours in the vineyard

The trend for a healthy lifestyle is moving around the world.
Popular yoga and Nordic walking, or
art picnics at a picturesque vineyard
with fresh Transcarpathian air -
unique tours from the Chateau Chizay team.

Yoga, Art, Nordic tours in the vineyard

For a corporate or tourist group, we have prepared a whole set of exclusive tours that will provide unique, vivid emotions and will be the decoration of your leisure time.

These tours take place just on the slopes of the picturesque vineyard Mala Gora, which is considered the most beautiful vineyard in Ukraine.

All tours we arrange in advance for groups of 10 guests and they all include an excursion and tasting at Chateau Chizay.

We can also prepare a comprehensive corporate program, which will combine our conference hall, Mini-hotel and restaurant “Chizay. Mala Gora”.

  • Yoga in the vineyard

Together with a professional fitness and yoga coach, you will walk around the slopes of the Mala Gora vineyard, where on the top of the hill you will meet sunrise or sunset. This tour indeed could be called a recipe for a perfect time.

The tour is suitable for both yoga practitioners and beginners. The program is always different, as well as the yoga class itself, which includes author’s techniques. Yoga tour is an unconditional joy for body and soul.

And such a tour is a great tool for team building, because such an experience brings people closer like a team.

  • Nordic Tour (Nordic Walking)

This unique tour combines a fitness walk through the most picturesque vineyards of Ukraine with immersion in the fascinating world of viticulture and winemaking from Chateau Chizay.

Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you will master Nordic Walking techniques and special breathing exercises that will prevent or restore lung health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nordic walking has almost no contraindications and involves 90% of your muscles without straining your joints.

  • Art in the vineyard “Drink & Draw”

Holidays in the format of a creative picnic in the vineyard. Time spent in a master class by a talented artist and art coach is a kind of meditation, during which guests are filled with inspiration, pour their emotions into creativity and create their own artwork.

The landscapes of the vineyards, the friendly communication in the gazebo and all the pleasant things related to creativity and wine will be a vivid impression, and the created picture will remind you of these wonderful moments.

We recommend combining Drink & Draw with our unique sparkling wine Carpathian Sekt and oysters – this guarantees truly unforgettable emotions spent in the wine world of Chateau Chizai.


Olena Motuzenko

President of the National Wine and Gastronomic Tourist Network "Roads of Wine and Taste of Ukraine"

The tour is a rich weekend recreation program that best meets the needs of residents of large cities (friends, families, corporate teams).
I recommend this holiday as a national expert in wine and gastronomic tourism, as a person in love with Chateau Chizay and a sincere supporter of the Nordic walking!

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