Wine tourism in Zakarpattya

We are proud of our vineyards and what are we doing here.
We are open for our guest, we have nothing to hide.
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Tasting tour “Chateau Chizay”

Wine tasting in Chateau Chizay is an important part of your visit to Ukraine. It is an immersion into the world of modern high-quality viticulture and winemaking in Ukraine. We promise you will enjoy a visit to a beautiful modern Chateau and get some interesting knowledge about ukrainian wine. Wine tour is a must-have part of your visit to Transcarpathia.

Standard tour:
1) Excursion on the territory of Chateau Chizay
2) Tour of the Museum of Winemaker Chiz
3) Visit to wine depositories, viewing aged wines
4) Wine tasting from professional sommelier

Duration: 1,5 hours
Cost: 245 UAH
Season: all year long, 7 days per a week
Group: at least 3 people

Please book in advance by phone: +38 067 322 99 10

Suitable for children and those who do not drink alcohol. Cost: 140 UAH.

Check our Premium wine tasting tour by the link.


Vitaliy Kovach

Famous Ukrainian sommelier

I recommend you wine tasting in Chateau Chizay!
Every time I visit Transcarpathia, I come to visit the wine tasting of this interesting wine-making Complex. You should take the opportunity to taste the fine wines where they were born and visit Chateau Chizay.
If you are planning a rest in Transcarpathia, you must taste the wines in Chateau Chizay, and especially Chersegi and Pink Pinoit …
I’m proud that there are such wineries in Ukraine!
I wish you success in your work to make Ukrainian wines well-known in the whole world!

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