Wine tourism in Transcarpathia

We take pride in our own vineyards and what we do.
There's nothing to hide - we're open to guests and excited to welcome you.
We invite you to visit Chateau Chizay and are happy to offer tours that are diverse and interesting for everyone.

Wine tasting at Chateau Chizay

Wine tasting at Chateau Chizay is not just an opportunity to try wines in one of the old cellars of Zakarpattia, it’s much more! It’s an immersion into the world of modern high-quality viticulture and winemaking. You will not only enjoy yourself but also gain knowledge, spending your time meaningfully. Wine tourism is an integral part of visiting Zakarpattia.

In the Classic Wine Tasting:

  1. Tour of the Chateau Chizay grounds
  2. Visit to the Chiz Winemaker’s Museum
  3. Exploration of the wine cellar, including aged wines
  4. Wine tasting led by a professional sommelier
  • Duration: 1-1.5 hours
  • Price: 245 UAH
  • Available year-round, 7 days a week with advance booking

Please make reservations by calling: +38 050 432 05 25

Tastings are available for children and those who do not consume alcohol. Cost: 160 UAH.

We also recommend considering the Premium Wine Tasting, which includes only exclusive premium wines.


Vitaliy Kovach

Renowned Ukrainian sommelier

I highly recommend wine tastings at Chateau Chizay!

Every time I visit Zakarpattia, I make sure to stop by and taste the wines of this fascinating winemaking complex. It’s worth taking the opportunity to taste exquisite wines where they originate and visit Chateau Chizay. If you’re planning a trip to Zakarpattia, be sure to try the Chersegi and Pinot Noir Rosé, as well as outstanding sparkling wines.

I am proud that Ukraine has such wineries!

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