Wine tourism in Transcarpathia

Wine tourism is an integral part of a visit to Transcarpathia.
Few countries in the world are proud to make wine.
Ukraine is a wine-making country with a long history.
We invite you to join the interesting world of grapes and wine!

Premium wine tasting "Chateau Chizay"

A premium tasting is an opportunity to taste the best, elite wines of Chateau Chizay and see the places and processes that are inaccessible to all visitors.

During a tasting with a professional sommelier, you will taste exclusive and aged wines from the Chateau Chizay collection. We have chosen exclusive positions that have been recognized by international competitions. This is an unforgettable journey into the world of wine, aroma, taste, new knowledge and sensations.

Premium-tasting includes:
1) Tour around the territory of Chateau Chizay
2) Visit to a wine storage, where you will learn about modern winemaking in the world.
3) Excursion to the “Winemaker Chiz Museum”
4) Wine tasting from a professional sommelier of only premium and exclusive wines + Transcarpathian craft cheese

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: 340 UAH
  • Season all the year, 7 days per week
  • Minimum group: 5 guests


We kindly ask to book in advance: +38 067 322 99 10

The tasting is possible for kids or those who do not consumpt alkohol. Price: 140 грн.


Fedir Shandor

Professor, President of the Regional Tourist Association of Transcarpathia

Friendly company or large group – leisure time with a glass of delicious wine will be remembered as a holiday. And how else can you spend time in Transcarpathia in Berehovo district? Of course it is a holiday in thermal complex. I compliment the leaders in their fields of activity – Kosino Thermal Complex and Water park and Chateau Chizay Winery for joining their efforts to create such a tour. It includes a balanced optimal program for a weekend visit: relaxation for your body in thermal waters, gastronomic treats, informative component and of course Transcarpathian high quality wine for the soul! This tour is perfect as one-day stop of a longer visit to Transcarpathia, and even as one-day corporate trip. I recommend this tour as a professional tourism expert and professional tourist!

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