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Furmint Late Harvest


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Sweet Furmint Late Harvest is made from Furmint grapes that have spent a long time on the vine, allowing for the noble rot, Botrytis cinerea, to develop. It enriches the aroma and taste of the wine with hints of citrus, ripe quince, juicy peach, pear, raisins, and honey. The late harvest of grapes, which our winemaker Zoltan has transformed into a special wine using a unique technique and all his expertise. The wine has a wonderful balance of characteristic sweetness and bright acidity.

  • The color of this luxurious wine hints at gold.
  • The complex aroma is intriguing to explore, searching for notes of fruits and discovering familiar and special nuances.
  • The rich velvety taste performs a symphony where natural sweetness harmonizes with lively freshness, creating a bright, lingering finish.
  • It pairs best with fruits, sorbets, ice cream, foie gras, duck breast, blue cheese, and even on its own instead of dessert.

Furmint Late Harvest is not just wine; it’s an experience worth indulging in!

  • Color - Golden

  • Grape variety - Furmint

  • Age of vine - 2022

  • Aroma - citrus, ripe quince, juicy peach, pear, raisins, honey

  • Taste of wine - quince, pear, peach, raisins, honey, pronounced acidity, pleasant sweetness

  • Alc. - 11%

  • Sugar - 140 g/l

  • Volume - 0.375 l

  • dessert


  • fruit


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