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Grape juice 0,5l

642.00 UAH

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Freshly squeezed grape juice is produced in the ecologically clean region of Zakarpattia! From hand-picked fresh sunny berries using the direct pressing method, we obtain aromatic grape juice with a rich harmonious taste and pleasant fruity undertones.

Our juice is made WITHOUT adding sugar, food additives, flavorings, colorants, or water. To ensure the juice’s preservation in a sealed bottle for up to a year, we employ the method of natural preservation – pasteurization. It involves heating freshly squeezed juice without any additives to a certain temperature and pouring it into thoroughly cleaned and sterilized containers, preserving all the vitamins and micronutrients of the fresh berries.

Grape juice has a tonic effect on the body, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, improves the condition of blood vessels, removes toxins, has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, relieves headaches, weakness, restores energy. The beneficial properties of grape juice have a complex effect on the body, and for people with stomach problems, consuming juice has a more favorable effect on health than eating fresh berries.

  • Volume - 0.5 l

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