Posted: 18.11.2021

New record! 13 medals in “Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards – 2021” including 5 gold!

Yes, we set a historical record for the number of awards for one company at the “Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards – 2021”. This is a prestigious international wine and alcohol competition, and Chateau Chizay’s victories at this event have become a pleasant tradition. This year’s awards include, in particular, Chateau Chizay aged wines, Oleg Skrypka’s author’s wine “Land of Dreams”, the first real sparkling wine of Transcarpathia Carpathian Sekt, dessert wines “Rose of the Carpathians” and Transcarpathian Kagor, strong grape drink Grape White Blend, other wines from the Chateau Chizay palette.

The Chateau Chizay team is proud of its success in its homeland and the recognition of world experts. We sincerely believe that this is not only our achievements, but also the success of the whole of Transcarpathia and Ukraine.

Why are victories in the “Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards” so important?

“Wine & Spirits Ukraine” is the largest wine and alcohol event in Eastern Europe. The prestigious “Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards” competition attracts a lot of attention.

This is a professional competition of producers of Ukraine and other countries, the competition is held according to the international standard in the format of blind tasting, the drinks are evaluated by a respected professional international jury of the best sommelier and market professionals from around the world.


Pinot Noir

Aged dry wines

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Chateau Chizay wines that have received gold awards:

Pinot Noir 2018

Cuvée  2018

Furmint 2019

Transcarpathian Kagor 2018

Author’s wine by Oleg Skrypka “Land of Dreams” Pinot Noir 2018


Four wines received silver medals:

Cabernet Franc 2018

“Rose of the Carpathians” 2017

Kosher Cabernet 2019

Sparkling wine Carpathian Sekt Chersegi brut


Bronze belongs the strong grape drink Grape White Blend and three wines:

Blaufrankisch 2019

“Land of Dreams” Traminer 2020

“Land of Dreams” Rose Pinot Noir 2020



The most appreciated wines are from the Chateau Chizay line of aged wines. All three wines of Oleg Skrypka’s author’s line “Land of Dreams” also won their medals in the competition.

During the award ceremony, the musician and winemaker thanked the jury for the high evaluation, the winemaking community for accepting him into its ranks, and the team of Chateau Chizay for the joint success:

“Today I consider Transcarpathia my second homeland. This is a victory for the whole of Ukraine, that we had a large number of worthy fine wines at the competition. Cheer for Ukrainian wine!”

Chateau Chizay founder Gennadiy Gutman considers this victory to be the result of dedication and coordinated work of the whole team:

“I am happy and proud of what a wonderful team works in our Company!

I am sincerely grateful to my native Transcarpathian land, our vineyard workers, foremen, agronomists, winemakers and all managers!

Only by virtue of the coordinated work of such a wonderful team, we can represent Transcarpathia in Ukraine and Ukraine in the world through our wines.

Congratulations to all of us, each team member of Chateau Chizay, on winning the flagship tasting competition «Wines & Spirits Ukraine Awards».

13 medals at blind tasting, including 5 «gold» ones, are, first of all, an assessment of our work for ourselves. And, of course, this is a reason to be proud of our native Transcarpathia.

The fact that this year we set a record for the number of awards is a pretty high bar and a reason to work even better. I know what will happen next.

I also congratulate my colleagues, all those who develop the wine of Ukraine. May we succeed!

May goodness rule!”

So, today we can say: Transcarpathian is definitely worth your attention! We believe that the label “Made in Transcarpathia” will be a sign of the highest quality. Of course, this is not just about wine.

Let’s appreciate ours, let’s choose Transcarpathian!