Posted: 01.06.2021

Carpathian Sekt is the story of your holiday!

Dreams Come True! Welcome Chateau Chizay sparkling wine – Carpathian Sekt! By the end of 2020, Chateau Chizay Winery is coming up with great news, with what they dreamed of. We have created a real Transcarpathian sparkling wine. Sparkling with history. Wine for New Year, wine for every holiday. Carpathian Sekt is the story of your holiday!

Sekt is the name of sparkling wines of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic in the late 20th century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Later, sparkling wines from Czechoslovakia also had this name. Transcarpathia inherited these traditions. Carpathian Sekt is a unique name that Chateau Chizay revives for sparkling wines from Transcarpathia.

Carpathian Sekt wines are created in the European way by the Charmat-Martinotti method. Also, this method of production is called reservoir or acratophoric, because natural fermentation takes place in large containers – acratophores, after which the finished sparkling wine is bottled.

Traditionally, the best sekts in Europe are mono-varietal – from one grape variety. We created two of our Sekts from special white varieties that grow in the vineyards of Chateau Chizay. These are unique for Ukraine local Chersegi grapes for brut and legendary Traminer Pink for semi-sweet.


Carpathian Sekt CHERSEGI

Carpathian Sekt

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Gennadiy Gutman, the founder of Chateau Chizay winery, says:

“Creating Chateau Chizay sparkling wine is the dream of our team. These plans are more than one year old and they came true at the end of such a difficult 2020, embellishing it. Symbolically, the fact that we released our Sekt when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Company, it is a good occasion to raise a glass of sparkling wine.

The release of Carpathian Sekt became an event on the wine market of Ukraine. We are attentive to the feedback, we are glad that this product from our special grapes has confirmed even more: Ukrainian wine deserves attention and respect. And we know what we will work on in the future. Believe me, it will be no less interesting.”

“Today, sparkling wine from Transcarpathia confirms that high-quality Ukrainian wine is increasingly chosen by connoisseurs. Moreover, with a variety that is not inferior to imported, the ratio of price and quality of Chateau Chizay wines is impressively pleasant,” says the most famous sommelier of Ukraine Vitaliy Kovach.

“It is very good that both wines from Carpathian Sekt series have a special aroma, which comes from the grapes, which are distinguished by their fragrance.

I also like the choice of novelty style from Chateau Chizay, and its visual component, so strict, elegant. Of course, one of the biggest advantages of the product is the excellent quality at a nice price: you can buy a wine of excellent level, but at a price tag significantly lower than foreign counterparts.

Brut Sekt from Chersegi variety is especially similar in style to Prosecco, and everyone loves this wine for its freshness, fruitiness, florality, lightness and playfulness. And Carpathian Sekt fully meets these world standards, these desirable features of sparkling wine, which can now be called a global trend.

I congratulate Chateau Chizay Company with a great novelty and I am glad that I will celebrate this New Year with Carpathian Sekt in a glass!” says Vitaliy Kovach.

In addition to consumers who order Chateau Chizay wines online, buy in stores and wine boutiques, great interest in Carpathian Sekt has arisen in HORECA segment: in establishments of service inductry. Bars, cafes and restaurants have decided to include this wine in their wine lists immediately after its appearance, says Olesia Spitsyna, Head of Chateau Chizay Direct Distribution.


“It is gratifying that our partners have ordered almost a third of the entire batch of Carpathian Sekt in advance, without even tasting it. It makes us happy when we are trusted, and we really appreciate that trust. And, of course, we are glad that we did not disappoint. A week after the release of our Sekt, we received repeated orders.

We all know such names as prosecco, spumante, cava. Now we are proud to hear that the name Sekt is already known.

Several points make this drink so special. First of all, the laborious work of growers and winemakers. The grapes from which it is made are unique Chersegi and fragrant Traminer. Millions of small bubbles not subsiding in a glass. Intense aroma of flowers and green, so familiar to Transcarpathia, apples. And most importantly – love that Chateau Chizay invests in the wine it creates.

It is often said that sparkling wines are suitable for New Year, are its attribute. Yes, I think a glass of sparkling wine from Transcarpathia, raised on the night when we make a wish, will bring good luck. At the same time, I am sure that many people will discover this amazing drink for themselves at all times of the year. Its slogan: “Carpathian Sekt is the story of your holiday!“.

And sparkling wine from Chateau Chizay will decorate your various happy moments. Enjoy, respect Ukrainian! We work to make you happy!” says Ms. Olesia.