Posted: 14.05.2021

Chateau Chizay Winery has won three awards at London Wine Competitions

Silver from the UK! The awards of one of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions were won by Chateau Chizay wines, namely Chersegi, Furmint and “Rose of the Carpathians”. The Winery sent three wines to the London Wine Competition, each of which was awarded a Silver Medal by the jury.

The London Wine Competition is one of the leading wine competitions. This international wine competition is organized by the Beverage Trade Association, which aims to find and reward successful wine producers.

The idea of the competition is to evaluate wines for consumers, so they pay attention to all the impressions that are important to buyers, not just professionals.

Wines are evaluated by three criteria – quality, cost, appearance. To receive a medal, wines must score points on all indicators.

The Tasting Commission consists of top wine experts, sommeliers, sales managers of famous shops, retail chains, wine boutiques, restaurants and hotels in London. The quality of wine is determined at blind tasting, and then recommended cost and type of bottles in relation to quality are evaluated.

This year, wines from 36 countries took part in the London Wine Competition. 135 varieties of grapes were presented, of which the top were Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Australia, Italy, France, Portugal, the USA and Moldova presented the most part of wines. Australian wine was awarder the wine of the year, the best winery was one from Spain.



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Chateau Chizay Winery presented three wines at the competition – white dry from the local variety Chersegi, aged white dry Furmint and dessert wine “Rose of the Carpathians” – and all received a high award: Silver Medals. “Rose of the Carpathians” won the highest quality score. And Furmint wine lacked only 4 points in design for Gold Medal.

“Receiving awards from world competitions, we continue to fight for our consumers at home. Domestic wine, unfortunately, is not in a favorable competitive environment compared to imports, and it’s not just about customs duties. Wine countries support the industry: in particular, offset the costs of export activities and international promotion, introduce tax preferences. And when you choose native, Ukrainian, wine, you support the development of winemaking, and hence the economy of your country,” Chateau Chizay emphasizes.

By the way, in addition to Japan, Lithuania has recently joined the number of countries to which Chateau Chizay wines are exported. In general, wineproducts from Transcarpathia are tasted in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Hungary, Poland and others.

Let us remind you: in 2020, the Chateau Chizay Winery became a record holder of Wine & Spirits Ukraine Award, having won 10 medals and 2 special awards.