Posted: 16.06.2020

“Rose of the Carpathians”. The most romantic wine of Ukraine

This star is 61 years old! That dessert wine “Rose of the Carpathians” was born by the sun of Transcarpathia, a special variety of grapes and the skill of winemakers.

Yes, the recipe of “Rose of the Carpathians” is more than half a century. In 1959, Transcarpathian winemakers created an extraordinary dessert wine. The basis for creativity was an exceptionally sweet harvest of Traminer Pink – this does not happen every year.

Winemakers have taken up to produce vintage wine, which means at least two years of aging in oak barrels. They invented a complex but successful technology that provides a characteristic amazing bouquet. This way the legend called “Rose of the Carpathians” was born. For everyone trying the wine its unique aroma and taste become instantly recognizable and unforgetable.

Unfortunately, at one time the production of this wine stopped. But to revive the glorious history, the winemakers of Chateau Chizay have preserved and patented the classic recipe, giving the wine its name “Rose of the Carpathians“.


Troyanda Karpat

Golden Collection

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Today it is a visiting card of the winery, Transcarpathia and even Ukraine.

“Rose of the Carpathians” from Chateau Chizay harvests a collection of awards. For example, the best wine of the International Tasting Competition Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards in 2018. And a gold medal of the same competition in Kyiv in 2019.

Of course, “Rose of the Carpathians” represents the country at international wine events.

On 5 February 2020, it became the star of tasting in the UK, at Cambridge University Wine Society, where it concluded the presentation of seven best Ukrainian wines, becoming the very “cherry on the cake”.

And at the gastronomic evening of the most famous sommelier of Ukraine Vitaliy Kovach, who in February held a tasting of valuable imported wines aged in bourbon barrels, guests put the “Rose of the Carpathians” in third place after the world-famous wine Mondavi.


And it was “Rose of the Carpathians” that Stefan Bade, a professor of winemaking, an international expert and ELP lecturer from Bordeaux (France), expressed his admiration. Evaluating Transcarpathian wines during a seminar on France’s experience in winemaking, he said:

“Yes, I have a favorite one among Transcarpathian wines. Apart from Furmint, it is, of course, “Rose of the Carpathians”. I’m seduced by it! This is not wine, but pleasure! It’s like a dessert, it’s the joy we can taste.

Sometimes dessert wines are too sweet, and this wine is very rich. Its real market price in a wine boutique in Europe is 50 euros. Ukrainian and Transcarpathian consumers are lucky!”

And, yes, every day “Rose of the Carpathians” is the best souvenir from Transcarpathia, a gift to those who are valued, adornment of a special evening.

By the way, it is a very romantic gift – an exquisite bouquet in a glass. And, thinking of giving luxurious flowers, why not choose “Rose of the Carpathians”?