“Wine” diplomacy. Ukrainian wine – at the ProWein Dusseldorf exhibition.

Chateau Chizay at the ProWein Dusseldorf exhibition – three days about wine, about Ukrainian wine! ProWein is the main international event in the wine industry, which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Chateau Chizay, among 17 Ukrainian producers at the Wines of Ukraine stand, presented its wines and spirits to the entire wine world, and the team held dozens of meetings with current and potential international partners.

The medals at the “World Wine Championship” go to “Troyanda Karpat”. Chateau Chizay winery won gold at Mundus Vini.

It’s like the World Wine Championship, and we received two medals there, including “Gold”! The very strict and prestigious global wine competition, Mundus Vini, has just concluded and sent the results (frankly: we opened the email with an accelerated pulse!). And we have some very pleasant news for Ukrainian winemaking! The “Troyanda Karpat” wine triumphs!

Wine of Ukraine – in Paris! Ukrainian wines were showcased at Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris.

Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris, a large exhibition and a meeting place for the global wine community, takes place under the patronage of French President Emmanuel Macron. Thanks to the efforts of the Corporation “Ukrvinprom” and with the support of international partners, Ukrainian winemaking and Ukrainian wine itself are being presented for the second time at this forum. The star of the Ukrainian stand once again was the branded dessert wine Chateau Chizay “Troyanda Karpat”.

The route Ukraine – Scotland! Why do wine barrels head to Glasgow and what does whisky have to do with it?

Our barrels are heading to Scotland to our new friends at Chateau Chizay Brave New Spirits. The oak barrels, where the legendary “Troyanda Karpat” and “Zakarpatsky Kahor” were aged, will now become the place where a new drink will be crafted – a special Scottish whiskey by the masters from Glasgow.

Medals from Japan – for wines from Zakarpattia. Chateau Chizay winery won “Platinum” at the Japan Wine Challenge competition in Tokyo.

The beginning of the year is a time to plan future actions and also a reason to recall the brightest achievements of the past year, especially if they truly delight and inspire. Such as the unprecedented awards for Ukrainian winemaking at the international competition Japan Wine Challenge. In Tokyo, the unique offerings from Chateau Chizay were appreciated – the legendary “Troyanda Karpat” and the exclusive Chershegi.

Congratulations to Chateau Chizay on winning the platinum medal and 5 gold medals at the Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards international competition!

The 2023 Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards international competition brought 6 top awards to Chateau Chizay winery. Once again, the legendary “Troyanda Karpat” received attention, along with new grape spirits, and the highly anticipated release from the winery – sparkling wine made using the classic champagne method.

Ukrainian wine «Troyanda Karpat» received a Gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – 2023

The legendary Ukrainian wine «Troyanda Karpat» has once again won the prestigious Gold Medal at the important international wine competition, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – 2023. This remarkable achievement marks another glorious chapter in the legacy of Chateau Chizay’s most renowned creation and indeed stands as a testament to the excellence of Ukrainian winemaking on the global stage.

Chersegi in Chateau Chizay. Why do we love it here?

Chersegi is a special grape variety for our winery. It is an exclusive grape for Ukraine, which yields excellent results in our vineyards. Our vineyard workers and winemakers also love it for its beautiful, juicy clusters and the opportunity to experiment. Experts and wine enthusiasts appreciate it for its unique character, both in dry white wine and Carpathian Sekt made from Chersegi grapes. So, why do people fall in love with it? Let’s get to know Chersegi better!

About life of winery in the war and news from Paris and Dusseldorf

The life of our winery changed on February 24. Our hearts are together with all Ukrainians, together with the glorious warriors who defend our State. And also with our colleagues – Ukrainian wineries, which suffered way more in other regions of Ukraine. Some wineries were destroyed and robbed by invaders, some are in the zone of temporary occupation or blocked in the frontline zone. Winery Chateau Chizay concentrates efforts on preserving grapes, supporting the team and helping refugees arriving in Transcarpathia. The founder of Chateau Chizay Gennady Gutman talked about the life of the winery during the war and the victory at the Paris Wine Cup.

Gennadiy Gutman: “We are waiting for the Victory and implementing new projects in Ukraine!”

Winemaking during the war. It would seem “out of time”? Not at all. An important branch of the economy, also significant for Transcarpathia, vineyards, which is a symbol of the region, jobs, taxes and exports. This is what the Company’s founder Gennadiy Gutman says. And additionally about new projects of one of the leading wineries in Ukraine and a new sparkling wine from Chateau Chizay.

Chateau Chizay winery together with colleagues presented Ukrainian wines to the world’s elite industry at Pro Wein Dusseldorf

To introduce Ukraine to the whole wine world. Chateau Chizay Winery had an opportunity and honor to do it at the leading wine exhibition in Germany – Pro Wein Dusseldorf. The wine producers of Ukraine (of Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kyiv, Donetsk and Transcarpathian regions) introduced Wines of Ukraine to the world elite of the wine industry as a united front, presenting their showcase wines and telling about our country.

Chateau Chizay Winery represents Ukraine in a study on sustainable development and wine tourism from Hochschule Geisenheim University and WineTourism.com

Winemaking is not just about making wine. Classic winery is a special enterprise. An important part of the work is viticulture, and wine tourism. Therefore, the winery affects the development of the region, its economy, image and nature. Chateau Chizay is the only winery in Ukraine that has participated in a large-scale scientific study on sustainable development and wine tourism. Caring for the environment is an essential part of this concept. Let’s explain why it is interesting and important.

Which Chateau Chizay wines do foreigners like the most? Let`s talk about our exports

In order to gain popularity in Ukraine, it is necessary to win recognition abroad. This often happens with leading domestic manufacturers. Chateau Chizay winery has a similar path. Being in fierce competition with imports in the native country, the Winery gains the love of wine connoisseurs abroad. To which countries do we supply wines? What Ukrainian wines do foreigners choose? How do we develop the export of the best Ukrainian wine by Chateau Chizay? Which countries do we dream of being represented? We tell about

Water from Transcarpathia was sent to the affected cities of Eastern Ukraine by Memories and Roots Foundation

Water is life, one of the most valuable resources of mankind. Russian aggression in the most affected cities of Ukraine deprived Ukrainians of water supply. Today, an initiative from Transcarpathia – the Memories and Roots Foundation – seeks to help people suffering from water shortages in the affected regions.

Chateau Chizay wines have won medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards, the world’s most influential competition

Decanter World Wine Awards is the most influential, most prestigious tasting competition in the world. Despite all the events, Chateau Chizay Winery was able to deliver its wines to participate in the competition. And here we have the results: all our samples received excellent points, and two wines have medals – Cabernet Franc and Furmint. We are happy to worthily represent Ukraine and wines made in Ukraine at the world competition of winemakers!

Young wine has arrived! How the first barrel of wine from 2021 harvest was opened in Chateau Chizay

Young wine has arrived! This is how the wine of the new harvest is welcomed in Europe. The Celebration of Young Wine, when the first barrel is opened, is an important and expected holiday in the region of Zakarpattya. How was it? Colorful, delicious, fun!

New record! 13 medals in “Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards – 2021” including 5 gold!

Yes, we set a historical record for the number of awards for one company at the “Wine & Spirits Ukraine Awards – 2021”. This is a prestigious international wine and alcohol competition, and Chateau Chizay’s victories at this event have become a pleasant tradition. This year’s awards include, in particular, Chateau Chizay aged wines, Oleg Skrypka’s author’s wine “Land of Dreams”, the first real sparkling wine of Transcarpathia Carpathian Sekt, dessert wines “Rose of the Carpathians” and Transcarpathian Kagor, strong grape drink Grape White Blend, other wines from the Chateau Chizay palette.

Gennadiy Gutman: «The grape harvest in Chateau Chizay has been completed and we will please you with surprises in the new season!»

The results of the 2021 season at first-hand! The grape harvest at Chateau Chizay was completed in late October. The winemakers, who are now working with the wine of the 2021 harvest, have taken over the baton from the winegrowers. The founder of the Winery Chateau Chizay Gennadiy Gutman commented what to expect from new harvest. So, sparkling wine Carpathian Sekt, Ice Wine and Rose of the Carpathians: what are the prospects for these wines in the 2021 harvest?

The vine must suffer, or features of Transcarpathian terroir

Grapes is a special plant. The ancient Romans once said that civilization reaches the place where grapes are grown and wine is made. The terroir of Transcarpathia is special, grapes have been cultivated here for about two thousand years. Let’s find out what is so remarkable about our terroir, and let`s discover romantic and even dramatic concept: the suffering of the vine. Yes, that’s what growers and winemakers say!⠀

Yoga in the vineyards is a joy for body and soul

Chateau Chizay vineyards is grandeur and comfort, peace and energy, it is a great place to escape from everyday life and feel the whirlpool of emotions and joy of life. Thus this is the perfect place to practice yoga. So we decided and were the first in Ukraine to organize yoga workshops in the vineyard. Yoga coach Bohdan Kozhukharyk conducted training with the complex “Greetings to the Sun”, breathing and relaxation techniques, author’s practices, demonstrated that acroyoga can be accessible to everybody. Spend a wonderful weekend full of impressions or meet the sunset in the middle of vineyards – this is a yoga tour in Chateau Chizay.

For the first time in Ukraine! Vegan-friendly wine from Chateau Chizay – now officially!

Chateau Chizay Winery has received a certificate of Vegan-friendly wine. We have been certified by one of the most influential organizations in the UK, Vegan Society, and now we are officially declaring that we produce vegan wine and grape juice.

Chizay Wine Run 2021 – annual trail run at famous ukrainian vineyards

Chizay Wine Run is the only vineyard trail run in Ukraine. On Sunday, September 12, it took place for the third time. 64 people aged 10 to 60 were running 3.5 km through the vineyards of Chateau Chizay near Beregovo in Transcarpathia.

Do not disturb – magic in progress! Treasury with winy scent — new Chateau Chizay wine cellar

114 oak barrels, 5 varieties of wine and 33 niches for bottles. This is about our new wine cellar, which is the treasury of the winery. Matured wine is a unique story in winemaking. The most valuable Chateau Chizay wines are stored in a cellar built in late 2020. Today, every barrel here is full, and the collection wine rests in bottles in special hollows of stone wall.

The Red King. Cabernet Sauvignon: famous, but always interesting

Red wine is often associated with Cabernet Sauvignon, isn`t it? This is the most famous variety in the world, which is called the “King of Wines”. August 30 is the International Cabernet Sauvignon Day. So what is interesting to be found under the cork? And what about something delicious – how best to create a match: Cabernet Sauvignon wine and food? A little hint – Transcarpathian cuisine will come in handy here!

Chateau Chizay table grapes, when delicious is also useful

Chateau Chizay is about grapes! Yes, we are not only a winery, but also a wine company with 272 hectares of its own vineyards. Technical grapes of European varieties growing in Transcarpathia are our main business, pride and raw material for wine. At the same time, we grow grapes not only for wine, but also for tasting. And the grapes have great health benefits! Table grapes on the plantations of Chateau Chizay begin to ripen in the second half of August and are harvested within a few weeks.

“Bordeaux – Transcarpathia”: training for mutual success. Chateau Chizay Academy has continued open seminars for winemakers and tourism professionals

The events of the Bordeaux – Transcarpathia International Cooperation Program took place in the westernmost region of Ukraine. On May 27 and 28, experts from the world’s leading wine region conducted training for winemakers, wine and tourism professionals, teachers and students of relevant specialties. The program was launched in 2019 by Chateau Chizay Academy in order to achieve joint success through joint development: winemaking, tourism, Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

Compliments for rosé. Concerning the production and marketing of trendy wine at French-Ukrainian seminar

Within the framework of international cooperation program “Bordeaux – Transcarpathia” Chateau Chizay Academy, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with participation of the Embassy of Ukraine in France held a seminar on rosé wine. Winemaking and marketing of wine: experts from Bordeaux region and representatives of Chateau Chizay took part in online open event for all those interested in these topics.

Responsibility and respect for the environment. Chateau Chizay is the first winery in Ukraine to join the Porto Protocol

The Porto Protocol is an international organization that brings together wine companies that implement and promote good environmental practices. The union was created in response to climate change, the goal is to protect the environment, to unite responsible producers so that preserve and improve the environment. Chateau Chizay wine company, was the first in Ukraine to join the Porto Protocol. The letter of principles of the Porto Protocol was signed by its founder Gennadiy Gutman.

Porto Protocol Commission under the expert support of Olena Motuzenko, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Geography, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, project experts of the European Commission and the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine carefully studied the environmental policy of the Winery, evaluated the implemented and planned projects, conducted interviews and officially made decision on Chateau Chizay joining the organization.

Made of oak, metal and even glass. What wine corks are used in Chateau Chizay? Let`s listen to the winemaker Chiz

At Chateau Chizay Winery, we take care of every stage of wine creation – from the vine to the presentation. We also pay attention to bottle caps. Classic cork, screw cap or glass Vinolok – through these elements, which are perfectly matched to the wine, we emphasize its style and character. Winemaker Chiz talked about oak corks HERE. Now it’s time to talk about modern alternative ways to cork wine.

Wine Rendez-Vous. How French and Ukrainian wines… competed

The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Embassy of France in Ukraine together with French partners organized a Wine Rendez-Vous: “Ukraine vs Bordeaux”. This is a friendly comparative tasting in the form of an online meeting, where French wine from Bordeaux region and Ukrainian wine were evaluated.

Winter NON-holidays. Pruning of grapes is completed on the plantations of Chateau Chizay

Winter cold is not the time when Chateau Chizay growers rest. The wine-growing season does not start in the spring, but at the beginning of the calendar year. All operations with the vine are important, the way how the vines are pruned in winter determines their development during the season. And on the three plantations of Chateau Chizay, winter pruning of grapes continues, which usually starts after the first severe frosts.

Carpathian Sekt is the story of your holiday!

Dreams Come True! Welcome Chateau Chizay sparkling wine – Carpathian Sekt! By the end of 2020, Chateau Chizay Winery is coming up with great news, with what they dreamed of. We have created a real Transcarpathian sparkling wine. Sparkling with history. Wine for New Year, wine for every holiday. Carpathian Sekt is the story of your holiday!

Gennadiy Gutman: “Even when the vineyards are “asleep” Chateau Chizay winegrowers work”

The founder of the Winery Gennadiy Gutman convened for an online conference the agricultural division of the Company – winegrowers of Chateau Chizay. Winter pruning of grapes starts and, as for all processes in the production of wine from the vine and to the glass, in Chateau Chizay this case is approached carefully. After all, the vineyards of Chateau Chizay are a symbol of Transcarpathia and the greatest value of the Company.

Chateau Chizay Winery has won three awards at London Wine Competitions

Silver from the UK! The awards of one of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions were won by Chateau Chizay wines, namely Chersegi, Furmint and “Rose of the Carpathians”. The Winery sent three wines to the London Wine Competition, each of which was awarded a Silver Medal by the jury.

Touristic map of vineyard Mala Hora

5 stars! Chateau Chizay won 5 awards following the results of the national professional tasting of National Wine Corporation

Wine experts from all over Ukraine evaluated 111 samples of wines purchased in retail chains. 5 Wines from Chateau Chizay are among the winners and received “Professional Choice Award 2020”. Traminer, Furmint, Blaufrankisch, Transcarpathian Cahors and “Rose of the Carpathians” from Chateau Chizay – 5 new victories for Chateau Chizay wine.

Ukraine will celebrate the Winegrower and Winemaker`s Day

The news that Ukraine will now have a new holiday – Winegrower and Winemaker`s Day – was announced by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was on a working trip to Transcarpathia, on September 25 in the middle of the vineyards of Chateau Chizay in Mala Gora area near Berehove. He informed: The Decree “On Winegrower and Wnemaker`s Day in Ukraine” was signed.

Chizay Wine Run – 2020. The second race among vineyards took place in Transcarpathia

The most beautiful race in Ukraine is Chizay Wine Run! Chateau Chizay vineyards have become a distance for more than 50 athletes. Participants, mostly representatives of “UzhRun” (Uzhhorod Run Club), covered 3.5 kilometers through the most picturesque vineyards in Ukraine.

Chateau Chizay begins a new stage in its history: we start another production!

The good news is especially valuable now! Chateau Chizay Wine Company invites you to share the joy. We announce good news at first-hand. The founder of Chateau Chizay Hugo Gutman informs: the Company is expanding its capacity starting a new production. Chateau Chizay will produce cognac alcohol.

Unique as Transcarpathian grapes. Strong as Transcarpathian temper. Novelty from Chateau Chizay – Grape White Brandy

We “caught” very special spirit of Carpathian Terroir! An extraordinary drink has appeared in the Chateau Chizay assortment: Grape White Brandy. Grape White Brandy is made from wine made of selected berries of Chersegi Fuseres (Cserszegi Fűszeres) variety. We present and describe it to you.

Chersegi. Our golden wine

White wine is usually about fragility. Often – about freshness and floral mood. Sometimes – about a special character. And it’s all about Chersegi. Unique Ukrainian wine from Chateau Chizay.

Chiz the Winemaker welcomes! The first Museum of Winemaking and Viticulture of Transcarpathia was opened in Berehove

He lived in the XIII century and came to life in the XXI. Winemaker Chiz is a real historical figure, the first owner of vineyards and a wine producer in the area near Berehove, which is now named after him. Its history is told by the Museum of winemaker Chiz (Museum of Winemaking and Viticulture) in Chateau Chizay.

Three barrels for brewers: how wine and beer became friends in Transcarpathia

It is natural to compete. But you can be friends either! And love for Transcarpathia plus desire to create qualitative and special products give birth to interesting ideas and original drinks. That’s how Hutsul craft brewery “Tsypa” and Chateau Chizay became friends! Wine with its own character and craft beer – what unites them? And how does the legendary “Rose of the Carpathians” relate?

“Gold” for “Rose of the Carpathians”. Wine&Spirits Ukraine Awards – 2019 added 6 medals to Chateau Chizay’s collection of awards

Chateau Chizay Winery participated in the international exhibition Wine&Spirits Ukraine Exhibition – 2019. “Rose of the Carpathians” is a winner again!

Race in the vineyards 150 years later. The first Chizay Wine Run took place in Transcarpathia

Running among of the aromas of Chersegi, Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Noir… The participants of the Chizay Wine Run covered about two kilometers. The first Wine Race – a race in the vineyards – took place in the area of Chizay, near Berehovo.

Delicious and elegant movement to Europe. Chateau Chizay wines are preparing to receive protected geographical indication: the first presentation has taken place!

Ukraine will soon receive protected geographical indications (PGI). This is global practice, and giving products such status helps to maintain high quality and promote the state and the region. The EU project “Support to the Development of Geographical Indications in Ukraine” coordinates the creation of a network called the Wine and Taste Road of Ukraine. In Transcarpathia, where wine and gastronomic tourism is very promising, the Chateau Chizay winery takes an active part in this process.

Grapes and nothing more. Working on the plantations of Chateau Chizay

Earth, sun, water, air – Grapes, except for the conditions provided by the terroir, do not need anything extra. However, the skilful hands of winegrowers are necessary. And right now on the plantations of Chateau Chizay – the best vineyards in Transcarpathia – there is “hot season” not only because of the hot weather. Green operations are in progress!

Stéphane Badet: “I am seduced by Transcarpathian wine!”

A seminar for winemakers on France’s experience in winemaking was held at Chateau Chizay wine company. One of the main speakers is the well-known wine specialist Stéphane Badet.

Get to know wine better! The School for Sommelier was held for the first time in Transcarpathia

An intensive month, 15 lectures and 77 exclusive samples for tastings are part of the School for Sommelier which took part in Transcarpathia on the basis of the Chateau Chizay winery. The future wine experts studied at the Vitaliy Kovach’s School for Sommelier, the School of the most famous sommelier of Ukraine Vitaliy Kovach. Wine culture is a topic worth noting.

Ready for spring! Winter pruning of grapes in the vineyards of Chateau Chizay is completed

Getting ready for spring – saying goodbye to winter. In the last days of winter – the last touches of preparation for spring. Chateau Chizay vineyards: work is in full swing! The cycle of seasonal work is completed by pruning grapes.

Young wine and lots of joy: the traditional celebration of the opening of the first barrel was revived in Berehovo

Young wine has arrived! Four barrels of young wine on horse-drawn carriages were solemnly transported through the city to celebrate the appearance of the first wine of the season.

“Rose of the Carpathians”. The most romantic wine of Ukraine

This star is 61 years old! That dessert wine “Rose of the Carpathians” was born by the sun of Transcarpathia, a special variety of grapes and the skill of winemakers.

Transcarpathian Bograch

Bograch is a traditional Transcarpathian dish that we borrowed from Hungarian national cuisine. This is a spicy and thick soup, which we cook on open fire of three types of meat, vegetables and greens.

In fact, in Hungary, this meal is called simply Goulash, and in the world – Hungarian goulash. If Goulash is cooked in a cauldron, then the dish is called Bogrash-goulash. Why? Because Bograch in translation is a cauldron.

In Transcarpathia, a short name is used – Bograch, and the eastern-Hungarian style of cooking this dish. In addition to vegetables, meat, red paprika and cumin, you will feel interesting ingredient- the little dumplings – Chipetke.

Nowadays Bograch can be found practically in every restaurant and cafe of Transcarpathia. Fashion for this dish was transferred to other big cities of Ukraine. We invite you to taste our Bograch and recommend the dry Merlot to this colourful dish!

Escargot – Traditional Ukrainian cuisine!

Escargot – snails are Transcarpathian exotic!

We bake them with butter and Parmesan and recommend as an appetizer before the main meal.

It might seem that this is a completely borrowed dish, but not everything is so simple. At the beginning of the XIX century, Transcarpathia was part of the Austrian Empire (long before the state changed its name into Austria-Hungary). According to legend, after the defeat of Napoleon, a group of captive officers from France arrived for eternal settlement on the outskirts of the Austrian Empire – Transcarpathia or more precisely, in a village in Turianska valley under the name of Turia-Remeta, which is in Uzhhorod district.

Since then, in Turianska valley, and now almost everywhere in Transcarpathia, you can taste the Transcarpathian dishes – grape snails or frog legs. This dish goes along well with our dry, authentic Chersegi wine!

Black Dumplings with turkey stuffing with white mushroom sauce

Black Dumplings with turkey stuffing and white mushrooms sauce is one of our favourite snacks.

This dish is interesting not only for its appearance, but also for its unsurpassed taste!

Just think about that kind of fusion – combination cuttlefish inks from the Mediterranean with the taste of Transcarpathian white mushrooms! A juicy stuffing of turkey meat brings the ultimate and complete harmony in taste experience of this dish.

In our menu we have placed “Black Dumplings” among appetizers, although with its serving and perfection it is definitely a self-sufficient dish. Come to Mala Gora Restaurant and taste the dish with semi-dry Rose Cabernet Merlot.

Transcarpathian delicatessen plate

The Transcarpathian delicatessen plate is made for two people. And it’s no secret that the Transcarpathian cuisine is very meaty and nutritious. It combined all the cuisines of neighbouring European countries and peoples who lived in this territory: Hungarian, German, Czech, Slovak, Jewish, Romanian and Hutsul, Lemkos and Boikos cuisines.

Once a year in the nearby village of Gecha there is a festival of butchers, who in Hungarian are called Genteshi. Many guests come to this festival to eat fresh meat. Thanks to our farm, you have the opportunity to taste Gentheshi dishes throughout the year.

The composition of this assortment includes several kinds of meat snacks only of our own production! Namely – Gurkha (special home-made sausages), piknytsia (home-made sausages), kupaty (fried thin sausages), streaky bacon and potatoes in peasant style with bacon grease. And of course, good wine will improve the mood for such a gourmet meal. We recommend the unique Ice Wine!