Posted: 26.10.2021

Yoga in the vineyards is a joy for body and soul

Chateau Chizay vineyards is grandeur and comfort, peace and energy, it is a great place to escape from everyday life and feel the whirlpool of emotions and joy of life. Thus this is the perfect place to practice yoga. So we decided and were the first in Ukraine to organize yoga workshops in the vineyard. Yoga coach Bohdan Kozhukharyk conducted training with the complex “Greetings to the Sun”, breathing and relaxation techniques, author’s practices, demonstrated that acroyoga can be accessible to everybody. Spend a wonderful weekend full of impressions or meet the sunset in the middle of vineyards – this is a yoga tour in Chateau Chizay.

Rest with a wow-effect – these are the words of the participants of the first tour of “Yoga in the Vineyard”.

Firstly a walk through the vineyards of Chateau Chizay: enjoying the scenery, fresh air, escape from everyday life.

And at the top of the grape hill a rich yoga class took place led by coach Bohdan Kozhuharyk, who, in particular, conducted a complex “Greetings to the Sun” and showed some of the author’s secrets of performing exercises. Benefit to both body and soul!

Then fragrant and delicious impressions: wine tasting at Chateau Chizay, where everyone could find the perfect wine for themselves.

And finally – a surprise from Chateau Chizay: collection and tasting of sparkling wine Carpathian Sekt. This is the first Transcarpathian sparkling wine and it is used to celebrate the beginning of a good deed. And the first yoga tour in Chateau Chizay is just like that!



Chateau Chizay

179 UAH

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And we move on! Chizay Sunset Yoga is the evening that gaves euphoria!

We planned the second yoga tour so that the culmination was the most picturesque sunset, which dives into the endless vineyards of Chateau Chizay. Beauty, worth an artist’s brush! But this is just one of the pleasures of this event. Amazing things happened to our guests!

After meeting at the winery, tasting delicious grape juice after the tour, the guests went for a walk through the vineyards. Stories about grapes, winemaking, varieties from which Chersegi, Traminer, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet are made, communication between each other and with nature…

Next, at the top of the vineyards of Mala Gora there was author’s training from Bohdan. He trained breathing relaxation techniques, the «Greeting to the Sun» complex and began to work miracles. Bogdan argued with the participants: he could teach everyone the techniques of acrobatic yoga right here, from scratch… And he won this argument!

Under the reliable guidance of the coach and with his support, the girls mastered acroyoga and simply “flew” over the vineyards, finding complete harmony of body and spirit. Euphoria! ⠀

Could there be anything better? Yes, if you uncork a bottle of Chateau Chizay wine for the fullness of emotions! They tasted wines in the place where the grapes from which they are made grow. Guests admired the sunset, enjoyed life and were inspired…

Yoga coach Bohdan Kozhukharyk strives to make every training he conducts special and as useful as possible for the participants.

“All the exercises, guidance and advice of the instructor during the lesson, your emotions – all the experience is synthesized in the mind and body in order to apply the acquired skills under any life circumstances.

Signs of successful completion of practice is simultaneous relaxation and fullness of energy, calm mind and a high degree of concentration.

There is a special energy in the yoga tours in the vineyard, which Chateau Chizay and I were the first to hold in Ukraine. This place is impressive.

To get to the so-called places of power, many people go to far-away lands – Stonehenge, Tibet, the Pyramids of Giza, Easter Island, Altai and Baikal… But few people know that you can get energy from nature or space and much closer – in Ukraine. In Chateau Chizay! Chateau Chizay is my place of power,” says the coach.



Representatives of the Chateau Chizay Company also took part in yoga tours.

Nadia Semenets, head of the Tourism Department, says:

“I’m interested in different opportunities to spend time in the vineyards, and yoga is something I’ve never done before. I did not immediately agree, but had to reboot after a hard day’s work. I decided to take part because we are the organizers of such an event and it is interesting to see it from the inside.

It’s not enough to say that I liked it! How interesting, easy, atmospheric, and most importantly, that those who were around, strangers, in a few minutes found extraordinary contact and sympathy for each other.

I advise everyone to have the following pleasure as a gift: it is not difficult, instead it is tasty, intoxicating, sunny and friendly. We are planning even more interesting things, and our friendly team of the yoga tour increases the circle of fans. Together we create what is so lacking in our life – emotions!”.


Olesia Spitsyna, head of the Direct Distribution of Chateau Chizay, shares her impressions:

“No wonder they say: in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit. Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is a very important topic. Yoga is healthy lifestyle, health and beauty, and it all goes well with natural wines.

I have already attended two trainings in the vineyards. What is it about besides yoga? About the most beautiful landscapes, new acquaintances, wine of decent quality, new impressions and emotions! I will probably never forget how coach Bogdan made me “fly” over the vineyards, performing an acroyoga exercise. I succeeded from the first time, and it’s a delight!

Today we are all constantly busy, and such an opportunity as yoga in the vineyard gives us the opportunity not only to maintain physical condition, understand and feel our body, but also to love ourselves, appreciate the beauty of our region, the work of our winemakers.

Most of the participants are our compatriots, who did not even fully realize how Transcarpathia is rich in beauty, and enjoyed the views of the vineyards. And it is especially nice that we were joined by guests from Ternopil region, who experienced the euphoria with us.

I wish everyone to love themselves, to allocate at least a few hours from their busy schedule for such pleasant and useful events. It inspires, gives strength and positive thinking. As a result, productivity increases.

Have you already flown over the vineyards? You definitely need to visit us!”

Yoga in the vineyard is one of the new original tours from Chateau Chizay.

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