Posted: 22.06.2020

Three barrels for brewers: how wine and beer became friends in Transcarpathia

It is natural to compete. But you can be friends either! And love for Transcarpathia plus desire to create qualitative and special products give birth to interesting ideas and original drinks. That’s how Hutsul craft brewery “Tsypa” and Chateau Chizay became friends! Wine with its own character and craft beer – what unites them? And how does the legendary “Rose of the Carpathians” relate?

An unusual event took place in Berehove: a meeting of winemakers and brewers. The goal is to create a collaboration of seemingly incompatible beverage producers to create something new for the first time.

The winemakers of Chateau Chizay handed over three oak barrels to the brewers of the Hutsul Kraft Brewery “Tsypa”. The legendary dessert wine “Rose of the Carpathians” was aged in those barrels for four years. Now three types of beer will be matured in valuable barriques.

These will be “wild Hutsul” ale, “golden” ale and “imperial” stout. Each will have its own style and character, and each barrel will give part of the aroma and taste that the noble “Rose of the Carpathians” left in oak.


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“It is a global trend to erase the boundaries between different products and create a special craft. This is the first time we are doing something like that here and I think it will be very interesting!” says the owner of the brewery Oleksandr Shatalov.

Brewers of “Tsypa” like to experiment, make beer with original ingredients: for example, on the basis of wild raspberries and mango puree, which impresses connoisseurs.

Right on the barrels just rolled out of the cellar, the brewers held a beer tasting for the winemakers (probably the first time in the Chateau). And to roughly model the result of the contact of beer with the barrel, a little of “Rose of the Carpathians” was added to alcoholic drink.

The founder of Chateau Chizay Gennadiy Gutman noted:

“We expect a good result of an interesting collaboration. The brewery positively surprises with author’s recipes, pleases with impeccable quality and excellent taste, being a model of Transcarpathian producer.

The friendship between “Tsypa” beer and Chateau Chizay wine is logical, because both companies have a common goal: to create the best for the joy of the people. “



Olexandr Shatalov and the chief brewer of the brewery Yuriy Gafiyak received a special gift from Chateau Chizay: a box of Merlot grapes.

These berries were harvested the latest, they attained the most sun for the best taste. The starter made from grapes will become the basis for one of the beers of «”Tsypa” on “Rose”» product line.

According to brewers, the friendship of wine and beer symbolizes the combination of two natural wonders of Transcarpathia: the generous sun of Berehove district and the unique water of Rakhiv region (the brewery is located in the mountain village of Kvasy, famous for its natural springs).

«”Tsypa” on “Rose”» will be presented before Easter.