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Rosé wine with grapefruit


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Semi-sweet rosé wine made from Pinot Noir grapes with grapefruit, creating a bright and juicy tandem.

Natural plant extracts are used to enhance the aromatic and flavor profile.

  • It has a fresh citrus aroma and a light, smooth taste with a pleasant bitterness, which will appeal to tonic lovers. It quenches thirst and refreshes.
  • It is recommended to chill before serving to 8-10 °C.
  • This wine is delightful on its own or as a wine cocktail, and also pairs well with fruit salad or light cheese.
  • Color - Rose

  • Grape variety - Pinot Noir

  • Alc. - 10,5%

  • Sugar - 50 g/l

  • Volume - 0.75 l

  • cocktails


  • dessert


  • fruit


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