Posted: 22.10.2021

For the first time in Ukraine! Vegan-friendly wine from Chateau Chizay – now officially!

Chateau Chizay Winery has received a certificate of Vegan-friendly wine. We have been certified by one of the most influential organizations in the UK, Vegan Society, and now we are officially declaring that we produce vegan wine and grape juice.


Chateau Chizay is not only a well-known producer of wines sold around the world, we also implement educational, cultural and environmental projects.

One example is the participation in Porto Protocol initiative, which brings together the world’s most environmentally friendly vineyards.

And vegan certification is another step in the strategy of Chateau’s development as a responsible modern enterprise that meets global trends.

Many wineries around the world confirm that their products are suitable for vegans, this is a trend. In Ukraine today, only the juice and wines of the Kosher Chateau Chizay collection are certified.



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The Vegan-friendly certificate means that no substances of animal origin are used at all stages of manufacture.

But wine is made from grapes, it is a vegetarian and vegan product! That’s right, but the world of modern winemaking is not so simple.

Briefly, okay?

Wine is a product of fermentation of grape juice with the help of yeast, and substances of animal origin, of course, are not involved. But at the stages of preparation of wine for bottling there is cleaning, sometimes fining, because in natural wine there are remnants of grape skin, yeast sediment. For cleaning wineries sometimes use protein products – gelatin, egg white, casein. And although after filtration none of this is to be found, the very fact of use is unacceptable for vegans.

Chateau Chizay uses natural fining element, a mineral of natural origin that meets vegan principles, in the preparation of Kosher wine for bottling.


Kosher juice and wines Moscato, Cabernet Kosher, Merlot Kosher, Red Blend have been certified by Vegan Society.

By the way, the kosher status of the wine and juice collection means the maximum degree of control over the product, its quality, at all stages of production.

So, if you profess veganism, feel free to choose the only Ukrainian Vegan-friendly wines and juices.

For Chateau Chizay’s partners – shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes – this is another argument to order products from Transcarpathian winery, because veganism is becoming more popular in Ukraine, and the demand for Vegan-friendly products is growing.

From now on there is a vegan wine of Ukraine, born in Transcarpathia!