Posted: 29.06.2018

Black Dumplings with turkey stuffing with white mushroom sauce

Black Dumplings with turkey stuffing and white mushrooms sauce is one of our favourite snacks.

This dish is interesting not only for its appearance, but also for its unsurpassed taste!

Just think about that kind of fusion – combination cuttlefish inks from the Mediterranean with the taste of Transcarpathian white mushrooms! A juicy stuffing of turkey meat brings the ultimate and complete harmony in taste experience of this dish.

In our menu we have placed “Black Dumplings” among appetizers, although with its serving and perfection it is definitely a self-sufficient dish. Come to Mala Gora Restaurant and taste the dish with semi-dry Rose Cabernet Merlot.


Victor Mykhailov

Famous restaurateur

The restaurant “Chizay Mala Gora” is the only and unique restaurant and wine store in Transcarpathia. Even if you did not plan to go to Berehove, you should turn off the road and visit this restaurant. It seems to me that dishes become much tastier when you overlook the vineyards of Mala Gora!

And now, listen to what it sounds like: a combination of dumplings with cuttlefish inks and gravy of Carpathians white mushrooms. You just have to add a glass of Rose Chateau Chizay, and you are guaranteed extremely interesting and positive emotions.