Posted: 16.06.2020

Young wine and lots of joy: the traditional celebration of the opening of the first barrel was revived in Berehovo

Young wine has arrived! Four barrels of young wine on horse-drawn carriages were solemnly transported through the city to celebrate the appearance of the first wine of the season.




Respect for fertile land and generous vines and for winegrowers and winemakers is the purpose of the event, the inspiration for which was taken in the history of Transcarpathia.

During the Festival of Young Wine this Sunday, 24 November the leading winery of Transcarpathia recreated the custom of winemakers of Berehovo district to carry the first barrels on horses and to thank for the harvest and wine, made for joy of people.

Horse-drawn carriages were accompanied by musicians and beautiful drummers. In the Chizay area, the first barrel is solemnly uncorked, and the wine is tasted by winemakers to make sure it is high-quality and tasty. Of course, it is, so it`s high time to treat all the guests.



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Gennadiy Gutman, the founder of the Chateau Chizay wine company, Igor Bondarenko, the head of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, and Zoltan Babiak, the mayor of Berehovo, greet those present – and the wine is ready to be tasted.

This is done with the help of an ancient tool. Gennady Vachylia, a winegrower, uses a glass device called a “lopovka” or a “kradach”.

Guests taste the unique white dry wine Chersegi: this grape of Hungarian selection in Ukraine grows only on the plantations of Chateau Chizay. But first, the director of the winery Anatoliy Poloskov invites to thank the land.

Gennadiy Gutman and the chief agronomist of the winery Attila Tovt symbolically water a grape vine with young wine. This is what European winemakers have been doing for a long time, thanking for this season’s harvest and hoping for a good one next year.


Anticipating for the concert the guests receive not only wine tasting, but also an exclusive action.

A native of Transcarpathia, a member of the Association of Sommeliers of Italy, the founder of the first school of sommelier of Ukraine Vitaliy Kovach presents sabrage: uncorking a bottle with a sword.

Vitaliy assures: Transcarpathia has every reason to be recognized as a wine-growing region of Europe, because wines are excellent and not inferior to foreign ones.

“Let’s honor ours!” is the idea of the Young Wine Festival in Berehovo.

Among the guests there are tourists from different parts of Transcarpathia and Ukraine, fellow winemakers, experts in wine, gastronomy and tourism, visitors from abroad.

Chateau Chizay confirms that the wine is worthy of respect: tastings continue, which will make guests fall in love with high-quality Transcarpathian wine. The tours of the winery, wine cellar and Museum of the winemaker Chiz have the same mission.

The Chateau happily opens its doors and hearts to guests.

The occasion is lit by performances of “Vataga” Orchestra of Joy and “Rock-H” band. Looks like there are no sad guests.

Festive fireworks blaze the sky above the Chateau…

The Chateau Chizay team would like to thank everyone who shared the Young Wine Festival with us!

We create wine and events for joy and love!

More photos from the event you can find on Chateau Chizay Facebook page.