Posted: 13.01.2024

Ukrainian wine «Troyanda Karpat» received a Gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – 2023

The legendary Ukrainian wine «Troyanda Karpat» has once again won the prestigious Gold Medal at the important international wine competition, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – 2023. This remarkable achievement marks another glorious chapter in the legacy of Chateau Chizay’s most renowned creation and indeed stands as a testament to the excellence of Ukrainian winemaking on the global stage.



Competing in the category of sweet and fortified wines alongside 410 entries from 20 countries, «Troyanda Karpat» underwent blind degustation by an esteemed panel of 28 judges in the capital of the European Union, Brussels.

Amidst competition, the wine from Chateau Chizay shone brightly, capturing the attention of the competition by virtue of its exceptional quality.

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles holds distinction as an international platform where over 10,000 wines are submitted annually for evaluation by a cadre of experts committed to identifying and celebrating wines of unparalleled quality, devoid of bias.

It remains among the most significant events of its kind on a global scale.


Troyanda Karpat

Golden Collection

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Hugo Gutman, the visionary behind Chateau Chizay and the driving force behind the resurgence of this wine, expressed heartfelt congratulations to the entire Chateau Chizay team for this well-deserved triumph. He attributed the success to the dedicated efforts of viticulturists like Gennadiy Vachila, Attila Toth, Ivan Pohorilyak, and all those involved in nurturing the impeccable Traminer Rosé grapes.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of the winemakers led by Zoltan Udvarhelyi and Inga Lebid, Hugo also extended gratitude to international consultants Zoltan Schlezak and Gyorgy Rovzha for their invaluable contributions. He emphasized the painstaking process involved in crafting “Troyanda Karpat,” underscoring the meticulous attention to detail, from inception to bottling, guided by head winemaker Zoltan’s tireless oversight.

The victory not only adds to Chateau Chizay’s illustrious array of accolades but also serves as a celebration of Ukrainian winemaking on a grand scale, resonating as a beacon of pride and inspiration for the entire team.

Hugo Gutman shared insights into the upcoming season, hinting at the potential creation of «Troyanda Karpat» from the 2023 harvest, expressing optimism based on grape samples and weather forecasts. He highlighted the rarity of this wine, reliant on the grapes achieving a minimum 24% sugar content, showcasing the team’s dedication to perfect timing in harvesting.

Reflecting on the journey that began in 2005 to revive the legendary wine of Transcarpathia, Hugo Gutman recounted the meticulous efforts invested in sourcing the finest grapevines, planting vineyards in 2006, and painstakingly recreating the recipe, culminating in the wine’s debut in 2012. He proudly mentioned the continuing legacy, with «Troyanda Karpat» from the 2021 harvest aging in their wine cellar, keeping the legend alive.

«Troyanda Karpat» stands as a dessert wine, a fortified flagship that follows a 1959 recipe meticulously resurrected by Chateau Chizay. Its distinction lies in its exclusivity, only produced when the Traminer Rosé grapes attain the required high natural sugar content, demanding an elevated level of expertise and precision in its creation.

Aged in French oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months, «Troyanda Karpat» earns its revered status, boasting an opulent, complex bouquet filled with the essence of fruits, dried fruits, and confectionery notes. Its luxurious, dense taste and lingering aftertaste have rightfully earned it the moniker of “liquid gold.”

This distinguished wine is a source of immense pride for Chateau Chizay, revered as one of Ukraine’s most distinguished offerings and cherished by many for its unparalleled richness and uniqueness. It serves as an ideal gift from Ukraine, captivating foreign friends with its opulence and exceptional quality.