Posted: 25.11.2021

Young wine has arrived! How the first barrel of wine from 2021 harvest was opened in Chateau Chizay

Young wine has arrived! This is how the wine of the new harvest is welcomed in Europe. The Celebration of Young Wine, when the first barrel is opened, is an important and expected holiday in the region of Zakarpattya. How was it? Colorful, delicious, fun!


The celebration of young wine in Chateau Chizay is always an open-door festival. The guests were greeted on tours and tastings throughout the day, while waiting for the solemn arrival of young wine.

The most important part of the holiday is a traditional ceremony of the first barrel arrival. The barrels are brought in elegant horse-drawn carriages, which go from where the wine begins its life – from the vineyards of Chateau Chizay.



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The festival was opened by the founder of Chateau Chizay Hugo Gutman, who greeted the entire team of winemakers. Hugo said warm words of appreciation for the work and invited the Head of viticulture to open the first barrel of young wine.

The next important step of the traditional ceremony is Honor to the Nature for the harvest. The first jar of wine from the barrel is given to the vine. The ceremony was also attended by government officials: the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and the Mayor of  Beregovo, town where Chateau Chizay is located.

After that Chateau Chizay team treated all the guests with young wine. Agree, when the winegrower Ivan Pohorilyak or the Chief Winemaker Zoltan Udvargelyi and all others who are involved in the creation of the legendary wine of Transcarpathia pour into your glass personally – it tastes special.



And in addition to the glass of fragrant wine should be delicious food! The holiday had a Transcarpathian character, so the guests enjoyed the best local dishes. The food court and fair were created by the participants of the Transcarpathian Wine and Taste Road – the best producers of the region, who presented local dishes, drinks, cheeses, meat delicacies, honey, sweets.

Cooper Laszlo Arpad presented his craft, who created a wine barrel in front of the guests just before the holiday. Folklore groups added color and emotions. A master class on Chardash dancing was interesting for guests from outside Transcarpathia, and almost everyone sang some folk songs.

The main decoration of the holiday for us is smiles and happiness of our guests. After all, communication and good emotions are the most valuable treasures.

We hope that nothing will prevent us to celebrate new wine in the next 2022 year and we hope to seeing all of our partners friends and new guests at our Chateau Chizay.