Posted: 22.06.2020

Stéphane Badet: “I am seduced by Transcarpathian wine!”

A seminar for winemakers on France’s experience in winemaking was held at Chateau Chizay wine company. One of the main speakers is the well-known wine specialist Stéphane Badet.


The main speaker of the forum was Stéphane Badet, an international wine expert and ELP lecturer (Bordeaux, France). He generously shared his knowledge and, of course, tasted the best Transcarpathian wines.

– This is my first time in Transcarpathia, it is a discovery for me, and it is very pleasant. I am here because I believe in Ukrainian winemaking! We think that your country and in particular this beautiful region have great prospects. I found out that the history of winemaking here can go back up to 5, 000 years! The wine industry in France has a history of 2,000 years. Ukraine must find a worthy place on the wine map of the world. Also regarding fine wines. Even today there is a European level.

Tell us about the recipes for success?

– In Transcarpathia, natural conditions are similar to some wine-growing regions of France. This potential must be used! The first battle that Ukrainian winemakers need to win is to prove to the consumer that domestic wine is of high quality. And this can be done only together, working for a common high result.

– And at the seminar we learned about creating the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Transcarpathia …

– I know one rule: when we are together – we are stronger. So, based on French experience, I advise manufacturers to alliance and develop together, I welcome such initiatives! Coordinated steps are also important for the implementation of geographical indications, development of technical specifications for documentation, for promotion, and so on. I sincerely wish this success to all Transcarpathian winemaking and to the initiator of such a grouping – Chateau Chizay winery!



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– By the way, what is your impression of tasting Transcarpathian wines?

As for the wines of Chateau Chizay, which I tasted in Transcarpathia, I will immediately note: it is a wonderful, amazing value for money. In the European market, these drinks would cost much more expensive!

– And more precisely?

We tasted several items from a wide range of wines of the Company. First, Chersegi, a local variety; according to Hungarian consultant of Chateau Chizay Zoltan Schlezák, its plantations reach 40 hectares. This wine is definitely worthy of note. Do you know how I also evaluate a wine? If I want to drink another glass – then I liked it! And that exactly happened! Muskotály is also a special local offer. I admit the notes of dried figs in the aroma. It reminded me of Tokai wines, this is not surprising, because you have a similar terroir.

– The same as for Furmint…

– Furmint… I am seduced by this wine! This is aged white wine and if it was sold on the other side of the border, it would be very well appreciated. I think from 30 euros per bottle… Aftertaste lasts a few minutes; this is a characteristic of very high quality wine! I am convinced that with this wine the Company should present itself, Transcarpathia, Ukraine at exhibitions and competitions abroad. I will also mention Pinot Noir rosé.

By the way, in 2018, the world sold more rosé wine than ever before, so they got into the trend. I came here, saw the vineyards, and I thought that this region, like the East of France, is well suited for red wines as well, although I know that it is more famous for white wines, such as Traminer.

We also tasted Merlot, aged in an oak barrel for 6 months and another 7 in a bottle. This wine seemed to me more mature than it is. We have also tasted a novelty: Pinot Noir aged in oak barrel for 18 months. By the way, an interesting detail: we harvest grapes automatically, it is six times cheaper. And you harvest it manually; in Europe such wine would cost a lot…


– Do you have a favourite among Transcarpathian wines?

– Apart from Furmint, it is, of course, the “Rose of the Carpathians“. After tasting, we talked to my colleague Nicolas Perrin, and at first we were able to say only: “We love this wine!”. But as professionals, we can’t limit ourselves to such a summary. Therefore, I will say: this is not wine, but pleasure! It’s like a dessert, it’s the joy we can taste. Sometimes dessert wines are too sweet, and this wine is very rich. Its real market price in a wine boutique in Europe is 50 euros. Ukrainian, Transcarpathian consumers are lucky!

– Cooperation with Chateau Chizai will not be limited to holding a seminar and wine evaluation, will it?

– After evaluating the quality of Chateau Chizay wines and talking to the Company’s founder Gennadiy Gutman, we decided to liaise. Namely, to establish cooperation between wineries and the educational institution where I work, and in general with winemakers in our region. We plan to send French students for practice to your beautiful vineyards and production facilities and invite the Chateau Chizay team to Bordeaux!