Posted: 22.06.2020

Race in the vineyards 150 years later. The first Chizay Wine Run took place in Transcarpathia

Running among of the aromas of Chersegi, Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Noir… The participants of the Chizay Wine Run covered about two kilometers. The first Wine Race – a race in the vineyards – took place in the area of Chizay, near Berehovo.

Fedir Shandor, a tourism expert and professor of Uzhhorod National University, came up with the idea to organize the Wine Run. He said that the event is a reminder of very interesting history and revival of a tradition.

150 years ago, young teachers from Berehove, who returned from studying in Budapest, created the first sports club in Transcarpathia and organized the first race in Chizay area.

This Sunday, 22 September, their route was recalled by volunteers – students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Uzhhorod National University, led by the Professor.



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Volodymyr Popovych was the first among the twenty participants to cross the finish line. The 19-year-old is fond of sports, including running, and has won more than one marathon.

But no medals have been awarded in this Wine Run yet. The goal is to start a new tradition of Chizay Wine Run in Transcarpathia, because such an event is very featurable for wine region.

The participants were rewarded with beautiful landscapes, unforgettable impressions and unique wine of the local Chersegi variety, born from the berries of the vines, which accompanied the runners in the race.

A fragrant glass of delicious wine is a logical and pleasant end to every Wine Run. Moreover, scientists have proved that high-quality natural wine fits perfectly into a healthy and active lifestyle.


According to Anatoliy Poloskov, director of Chateau Chizay wine company, there is a plan to hold a large-scale sports and recreational event next year here, in the most beautiful vineyards of Ukraine, because the landscapes are impressive and very attractive to tourists.

The area of the Company’s plantations near Berehove is almost 80 hectares, and this allows even a half marathon route to be laid.

“Today is a holiday for us, because we are involved in the revival of sports traditions of our region, and the emotions from it are really great. We are confident that the Chizay Wine Run of the XXI century will be a worthy continuation of history that was born in 1869”, said Mr Poloskov.

Meanwhile, the winery, which greatly respects the history of Transcarpathia, is preparing to invite everyone to the region’s first interactive Museum of Viticulture and Winemaking. The celebration on the occasion of opening the Museum of Winemaker Chiz in Berehove, Chizay 1, is scheduled for 12 October.

And more photos from the First Chizay Wine Run you can find on our facebook page.