Posted: 01.07.2020

Unique as Transcarpathian grapes. Strong as Transcarpathian temper. Novelty from Chateau Chizay – Grape White Brandy

We “caught” very special spirit of Carpathian Terroir! An extraordinary drink has appeared in the Chateau Chizay assortment: Grape White Brandy. Grape White Brandy is made from wine made of selected berries of Chersegi Fuseres (Cserszegi Fűszeres) variety. We present and describe it to you.

Grape White Brandy is a strong colorless drink made by distilling Chersegi Fuseres wine (in Ukraine this grape is grown only by Chateau Chizay). Thanks to our recipe, Grape White Brandy preserves true palette of the unique wine of Transcarpathia.

Grape White Brandy has no color. Why?

Brandy usually acquires the color from golden to brown as a result of aging in oak barrels due to prolonged contact with wood.

But Chateau Chizay Grape White Brandy after distillation is aged in special tanks made of neutral metal. 7 months Grape White Brandy rests, forming original range of aroma and taste.

Why do we not let the Brandy age in oak barrels?

Aging in oak changes the aroma and taste. We decided to leave all the best that is available in the high quality wine material Chersegi Fuseres, from which we create our hard drink. The White Brandy has original primal aromas and flavors.



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How to create Chateau Chizay Grape Brandy?

Main stages: Harvesting – Grape processing – Fermentation of grape juice – Distillation (multistage) – Aging of distillate in special tanks for 7 months – Blending with Carpathian spring water – Resting for 30 days – Bottling.

Why is multistage distillation important?

Distillation is a process when, due to heating, wine evaporates and condenses, thus grape alcohol (distillate) is separated. Multistage distillation gives the product the maximum degree of purification, which is soft, with a clean and pleasant aroma of grapes.

Why is the Brandy called Chateau Chizay Brandy, and the label says that it is made by another company?

Growing grapes, its processing and making wine (basis for our brandy) is performed by the growers and winemakers of Chateau Chizay. But the creation of the distillate is currently taking place in cooperation with our partners from Transcarpathia on high-tech equipment in accordance with European quality and safety protocols. And, yes, this is indeed high-quality local product, born in Transcarpathia.

Why did Chateau Chizay decide to create a hard drink?

Wine is always a creative process. And creating a strong drink based on grape alcohol is a challenge and a way to test our capabilities.

“We are sure that all products from the wonderful gift of nature and human labor – grapes – are worth noting. We decided to do an experiment – to create a strong drink that will preserve the best that is inherent in our grapes: a special, elegant, floral and juicy aroma and clean and soft taste.

We were inspired by the tradition of making high-quality grape distillates, which is common in our historic region, but primarily we have followed Italian models, where the creation of strong drinks from grapes has been brought to the level of art, “- says the founder of Chateau Chizay Gennadiy Gutman.


“For Brandy, we took wonderful Chersegi Fuseres wine and, thanks to sophisticated technology, turned it into high-quality alcohol: we literally extracted the “spirit” of grapes. A little magic, a few months of rest — and we present this product in Ukraine. And not only here.

I have already sent Brandy for tasting abroad to my friends who are connoisseurs of Italian drinks. And they say: Chateau Chizay Grape White Brandy is of quality worth offering in the best restaurants, for example in San Remo. We are waiting for feedback from domestic consumers! We hope that Grape White Brandy will take its place among Ukrainians’ favorite drinks”, says Mr. Gutman.

How to serve Grape White Brandy?

Chateau Chizay Grape White Brandy is recommended to be served as an aperitif or digestif. We recommend drinking it chilled to 12-15 ° C.

This drink will supplement a holiday or just a pleasant evening, will be felicitous for meeting friends and can serve as good accompaniment to a conversation. Elegant bottle of Grape White Brandy in a stylish tube is a beautiful quaint gift.