Posted: 26.03.2024

The medals at the “World Wine Championship” go to “Troyanda Karpat”. Chateau Chizay winery won gold at Mundus Vini.

It’s like the World Wine Championship, and we received two medals there, including “Gold”! The very strict and prestigious global wine competition, Mundus Vini, has just concluded and sent the results (frankly: we opened the email with an accelerated pulse!). And we have some very pleasant news for Ukrainian winemaking! The “Troyanda Karpat” wine triumphs!



The competition took place in Germany for the 34th time.

This year, 250 members of the international jury from fifty countries evaluated the best wines in the world using blind tasting methods – from major wine-producing countries to those who are just beginning to develop the wine industry.

And finally, Chateau Chizay receives the highest award!


Troyanda Karpat

Golden Collection

677 UAH

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The legendary “Troyanda Karpat” has been awarded the Gold Medal: the vintage 2021 dessert white wine aged for 24 months scored 91 out of 100 points.

This wine is the hallmark of Ukrainian winemaking. Chateau Chizay revived the iconic wine using the recipe from 1959 by planting its own vineyard of Traminer Pink grapes in 2006. “Troyanda Karpat” is one of the most decorated wines of Ukraine, a highlight of international events, and an ambassador of national winemaking at the world’s wine culture center, La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, France.

Equally remarkable and significant is the second award – the Silver Medal (88 points) for the vintage dessert red wine “Troyanda Karpat”.

We created a new “Troyanda,” inspired by the success of the white “star” and the remarkably successful harvest of red Cabernet Sauvignon and Alibernet grapes, and they come together in this bold innovation. Each wine from the 2021 vintage aged separately for 24 months. The new wine from Chateau Chizay is about ensuring that the legend continues to evolve and thrive. And it’s also a luxurious wine – a wonderful gift idea!


Founder and owner of Chateau Chizay, Hugo Gutman, says:

“Undoubtedly, all of Ukraine’s achievements on the international stage are very important. And we sincerely rejoice in our first ‘gold’ at the prestigious Mundus Vini. This is another success for the ‘Troyanda Karpat’, which represents Ukrainian winemaking on the world stage. At the same time, we are equally delighted with the ‘silver’. Because it is the first recognition of the wine that we introduced just two months ago. The red ‘Troyanda Karpat’ is an original novelty, a wine created as an experiment, a creative search. We are happy to already have such a prestigious medal, as it is a professional evaluation of our work, our creativity. And this is inspiring!

Congratulations to the team, and above all to the grape growers and winemakers. This is your victory! Cheers!”

From March 10th to 12th, Chateau Chizay will present the winners of Mundus Vini – both ‘Troyanda Karpat’ wines – and its other best wines at one of the world’s largest wine events – the massive ProWein exhibition in Dusseldorf, where the award ceremony will take place.

Last year, our team received two Silver Medals there – for the aged dry red wines Merlot and Pinot Noir from the 2018 vintage. And now we’re going for the ‘gold’!

Accept our congratulations. And we urge everyone: to be proud, appreciate, and choose Ukrainian!