Posted: 15.06.2022

Chateau Chizay wines have won medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards, the world’s most influential competition

Decanter World Wine Awards is the most influential, most prestigious tasting competition in the world. Despite all the events, Chateau Chizay Winery was able to deliver its wines to participate in the competition. And here we have the results: all our samples received excellent points, and two wines have medals – Cabernet Franc and Furmint. We are happy to worthily represent Ukraine and wines made in Ukraine at the world competition of winemakers!


18,244 manufacturers from 54 countries competed for ratings from the legendary British Decanter.

The Decanter World Wine Award tastings are held blindly and are conducted by the world’s most respected judges: 250 international wine experts.

Our country was represented at the competition by 4 wineries and we congratulate our colleagues (more precisely, friends!) with success, with the fact that together we put Ukraine on the wine map of the world and prove: Ukrainian wine is worthy of attention and respect.



Aged dry wines

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🏆 The silver medal of the Decanter World Wine Awards – 2022 with 92 points was won by the aged red wine Cabernet Franc of the 2018 harvest.

This is a collectible wine, the release of which we presented for the first time in 2020. It is currently aged in bottles, we invite you to the Chateau to visit the wine cellar, where this wine is stored.

🏆 The bronze medal of the Decanter World Wine Awards – 2022 was conferred to aged white wine Furmint of 2019.

Furmint is one of the “stars” of Chateau Chizay, a unique terroir wine that has won many international awards, the respect of connoisseurs and the love of consumers.

🏆 Sparkling Carpathian Sekt Chersegi received 84 points, which in terms of incredible competition is an excellent result.

Carpathian Sekt is a successful line of sparkling wines born in Transcarpathia. There is a novelty – rose brut from Blaufrankish variety.

Each of the points for Chateau Chizay proves that Ukrainian wines from Transcarpathia, having won awards among the best wines in the world, are recognized internationally.


And some important highlights of the prestigious competition and representation of Ukrainian wines in the world.

On March 4, the organizers of Decanter World Wine Awards condemned Russia’s military invasion, canceled the participation of their producers and canceled fees for Ukrainian wineries.

The Chateau Chizay team is grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine in London for their help in delivering samples to DWWA. And, of course, heartfelt thanks to Great Britain for supporting Ukraine!


And right now, another big wine event is taking place in London – the London Wine Fair, which is taking place for the 40th time. More than 10 Ukrainian wineries are represented, including Chateau Chizay.

The joint stand of Wines of Ukraine aroused great interest of experts and visitors. This is the first large-scale representation of Ukrainian wines at the LWF (participation for Ukrainians is free). We are grateful to the exhibition, and for the organizational support from Ukrainian side we express gratitude to the Media Group “Drinks +” and “Ukrsadvinprom”.


Chateau Chizay founder Gennadiy Gutman says:

“Ukraine needs to win now more than ever. Victories on various fronts are important.

The more people hear about Ukraine in the world, the more they know, the more they understand that it is a great country with its interesting history, affluent culture, wonderful people and quality production.

We acquaint the world with Ukraine and, in particular, with our Transcarpathia – through the wine born on this earth. And we do it successfully, gaining fame for Ukraine. The Decanter World Wine Awards for Chateau Chizay are another step on this path.

I express my boundless honor and gratitude to all those who heroically defend our state. Only thank to you we have the opportunity to work, support the economy and win for Ukraine in our field.

May goodness arrive! May Victory come!”