Posted: 14.10.2020

Chizay Wine Run – 2020. The second race among vineyards took place in Transcarpathia

The most beautiful race in Ukraine is Chizay Wine Run! Chateau Chizay vineyards have become a distance for more than 50 athletes. Participants, mostly representatives of “UzhRun” (Uzhhorod Run Club), covered 3.5 kilometers through the most picturesque vineyards in Ukraine.

Berries for the wonderful Chateau Chizay wine are ripening right now in Mala Gora area near Berehove.

The running distance was planted with Merlot, Pinot Noir varieties and, of course, the unique Chersegi – this grape is grown in Ukraine only by Chateau Chizay.

Chizay Wine Run took place for the second time on September 13, 2020.

The race was launched in September 2019, marking the 150th anniversary of a unique public sporting event.

In 1869, young teachers from Berehove, who had returned from studying in Budapest, formed the first sports club in Transcarpathia and organized the first race in Chizay area.


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Now Chizay Wine Run, initiated by the head of the Transcarpathian Tourist Association Fedir Shandor, is becoming a new tradition.

“Next year there will be more runners and we will make a longer distance!”, Mr. Shandor announces.

Chizay Wine Run is an incredible impression of the landscape, but also a difficult distance with hills – confessed the runners at the finish line. The first of them managed to cover the distance in a little more than 13 minutes. One of the first finishers is the head of “UzhRun” club Mykola Mashika.

“This is an exclusive location! Very cool place, everything is imbued with the beauty of nature, incredible views on the ridge. There was a running holiday and we are glad that local producers support running, and we, in turn, are happy to recommend a wonderful Transcarpathian wine, “said Mr. Mashika.

Vineyards of Chateau Chizay in the area of Mala Gora is a landmark of Transcarpathia. This is the view of one of the race participants, the head of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Oleksiy Petrov, who overcame the distance together with his wife Iryna.

“I gladly took part in the event. The location is fantastic. This is a unique place for races and other events, because these impressions are impossible to convey in words. It is this beauty that needs to be shown to people so that they can see and understand what Transcarpathia is, our land is close to the sky”, says Mr. Petrov.

Yulianna Hudz  became the first finisher of Chizay Wine Run – 2020. By the way, she is co-organizer and participant of the continuous relayrace “Uzhhorod Ultra 1000 km”, an event that was recently entered in the Book of Records of Ukraine.

“It is unreal! Vineyards, such a landscape… Yes, it was not easy to climb up, but when you see this beautiful view – for a while you forget that you need to run faster. Well, this is also important, because you are an athlete… But you enjoy the landscape more!”, shared her impressions Miss Hudz.




At the finish, in addition to joy and unforgettable impressions, instead of medals, the participants received wine made from the berries born by vines, through which they ran. Rose Pinot Noir from Chateau Chizay is recognized as the best rose wine in Ukraine.

By the way, it is proved that quality wine fits perfectly into the concept of healthy and active life. After the race, the participants were introduced to the wine town of Chateau Chizay, took a tour of the wine cellar and the Museum of Winemaker Chiz.

“We are happy to host such an event and such great guests. We not only make wine and develop tourism, but also create a new history of Transcarpathia. And we are glad that Chizay Wine Run is already among the interesting and various events in Chateau Chizay. We are grateful to all involved! And, yes, we have more ideas!” says Gennadiy Gutman, the founder of Chateau Chizay Wine Company.

The Chateau Chizay team believes that Chizay Wine Run should become a traditional sports holiday, and some of the employees even plan to take part in the 2021 race.

More photos on Chateau Chizay’s facebook page in the album.