Posted: 22.06.2020

Chiz the Winemaker welcomes! The first Museum of Winemaking and Viticulture of Transcarpathia was opened in Berehove

He lived in the XIII century and came to life in the XXI. Winemaker Chiz is a real historical figure, the first owner of vineyards and a wine producer in the area near Berehove, which is now named after him. Its history is told by the Museum of winemaker Chiz (Museum of Winemaking and Viticulture) in Chateau Chizay.

And it is winemaker Chiz who accompanies each guest on a journey, where it is so easy and interesting to learn about how wine is made – in the Museum of Viticulture and Winemaking of Transcarpathia.

On 12 October the Museum of winemaker Chiz was opened in Berehove – the first museum of distinctive business for Transcarpathia. The four halls present multimedia story about grapes, viticulture, winemaking and wine.

The author of the project, Igor Radomyselskiy, emphasizes: Museum of winemaker Chiz is a project that works for education, telling more about Transcarpathia, about winemaking in order to develop a culture of wine consumption.



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“I was inspired by world museums and knew that it should not be about a few old exhibits. It was necessary to create a modern multimedia museum, full of information, but certainly not boring.

We “revived” winemaker Chiz and he will take you on an interesting tour.

Learn about wine in the world, modern trends, see how wine was created in Transcarpathia at different times, and how it is made now.

Wine culture is a history that is pleasant to learn”, says Mr Radomyselskiy.

The Chateau Chizay team created Museum of winemaker Chiz with responsibility for the extraordinary history of Transcarpathia and Transcarpathian wine and with great love.

Gennadiy Gutman, the founder of Chateau Chizay winery, who came up with the idea to create Museum of winemaker Chiz, says:

“Our job is not just to make qualitative wine, but also to return the great glory to Transcarpathian wine.

The region should be returned on the world map as a wine region.

We love what we do and we want to share that love”.

Before cutting the symbolic ribbon for opening of the Museum together with Gennadiy Gutman, the head of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Igor Bondarenko said:

“Chateau Chizay is a little Italy. What Gennadiy Gutman created together with the team is very important. This is a discovery for the tourist industry of Transcarpathia. Thank you very much! We pledge to support you, because you contribute to development of our region!”

Museum of winemaker Chiz waits for guests seven days a week from 9 am to 8 pm at the address: Berehove, Chizay №1.