Posted: 14.10.2020

Chateau Chizay begins a new stage in its history: we start another production!

The good news is especially valuable now! Chateau Chizay Wine Company invites you to share the joy. We announce good news at first-hand. The founder of Chateau Chizay Hugo Gutman informs: the Company is expanding its capacity starting a new production. Chateau Chizay will produce cognac alcohol.

“Congratulations! I hasten to share the news. We have begun a new stage in the history of Chateau Chizay. The Company has signed contracts with builders and manufacturers of equipment for the production of cognac.

Many people know: we possess 272 hectares of vineyards in Transcarpathia and make wines exclusively from our own harvest.

We also work as a tourist facility, we have a House of Tastings and the Museum of Winemaker Chiz, which has become our gift to Transcarpathia and all of Ukraine. The construction of a new wine cellar(depository) for premium aged wines is now being completed. And with the new stage, the Company is finally consolidated in the status of the flagship of Transcarpathian winemaking.

Yes, creating new capacity at the times when the world economy is experiencing a crisis due to a pandemic is a serious and responsible step. However, in 2020 the Company celebrates 25 years’ anniversary, and this is a good reason for a new powerful start.

A few words about new products. This season we have created a new drink – Grape White Blend – by distilling our wines from unique for Ukraine varieties of grapes Furmint and Chersegi Fueseres (Cserszegi Fűszeres). We have great feedback from professionals and consumers.

Wish us luck! And be sure to visit and taste Chateau Chizay wines, and not only wines! We are glad to see you!

Good will prevail!

Sincerely, Hugo Gutman, Founder of Chateau Chizay Wine Company



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