Posted: 01.06.2021

Made of oak, metal and even glass. What wine corks are used in Chateau Chizay? Let`s listen to the winemaker Chiz

At Chateau Chizay Winery, we take care of every stage of wine creation – from the vine to the presentation. We also pay attention to bottle caps. Classic cork, screw cap or glass Vinolok – through these elements, which are perfectly matched to the wine, we emphasize its style and character. Winemaker Chiz talked about oak corks HERE. Now it’s time to talk about modern alternative ways to cork wine.

In addition to the classics, we use modern world technologies, which are trends in the world’s wine-growing countries.

Thus, the first in Ukraine Chateau Chizay Winery used a screw cap for wine. Chateau Chizay has been using the aluminum cap with a special gasket since September 2017.

It is intended for wines that should be tasted young, especially for light aromatic white and rosé wines, which are the Company’s landmarks.

Screw cap perfectly protects wine from oxidation, preserves its original taste and aroma, because it does not let through any oxygen.


Rosé Pinot Noir

Chateau Chizay

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We debunk the myths about wine corks! Please note: despite popular belief, the screw cap is neither cheap nor lower quality than the classic cork.

And besides, it’s convenient!

We use screw caps of Ukrainian production and remind that screw cap is popular in the wine-growing countries of the New World (Chile, Australia, New Zealand, others) and is gaining popularity among European wineries.

In addition to Chersegi, Chateau Chizay produces such white wines as Muskotaly, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir Rosé, etc., as well as a limited series of “Sakura of Transcarpathia” and wines of the “Fruit Collection”.

Screw cap is a trendy and comfortable cap which emphasizes the style and character of these light wines.

Also, as an exception, a novelty was released with a screw cap – red wine of the popular Central European variety Blaufrankisch. Now you can enjoy a glass of this delicate wine without a corkscrew.


Continuing to acquaint Ukrainian consumers with screw cap, another innovation was introduced. This is a glass stopper for alcohol of Vinolok Company from the Czech Republic.

Vinolok technology is used worldwide for premium drinks. The stopper has a refined design, emphasizes the elegance of the bottle and speaks of the high quality of beverage corked by it. Perfectly preserving the aroma and taste of wine, it is also practical and environmentally friendly.

Vinolok stopper in Chateau Chizay is used for two wines of Oleg Skrypka’s limited line “Dreamland” – white Traminer and Pinot Noir Rosé. This cap accords the concept of the “Dreamland” line: combination of wine and art.

Chateau Chizay’s philosophy is to make wines not only of uncompromising quality, but also with their own character. We know: there are no small things in winemaking. Every detail must be in place. Even if it’s just what we close the bottle with.

We work to make you happy while tasting world-class Ukrainian wine from Transcarpathia!

Best regards

Your winemaker Chiz