Posted: 03.07.2022

About life of winery in the war and news from Paris and Dusseldorf

The life of our winery changed on February 24. Our hearts are together with all Ukrainians, together with the glorious warriors who defend our State. And also with our colleagues – Ukrainian wineries, which suffered way more in other regions of Ukraine. Some wineries were destroyed and robbed by invaders, some are in the zone of temporary occupation or blocked in the frontline zone. Winery Chateau Chizay concentrates efforts on preserving grapes, supporting the team and helping refugees arriving in Transcarpathia. The founder of Chateau Chizay Gennady Gutman talked about the life of the winery during the war and the victory at the Paris Wine Cup.


We have difficulties with finding new suppliers of bottles, labels and other components, since some of our partners are destroyed or blocked.

We are still working to find vehicles to export our wine abroad and face very severe constraints in the logistics.

But we all believe in the Victory, restoration and prosperity of the viticulture and winemaking industry of Ukraine.


Troyanda Karpat

Golden Collection

677 UAH

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And now, despite everything, we would like to share some positive news.

We had ambitious plans for 2022 and applied for prestigious world wine competitions: Paris Wine Cup, Mundus Vini Dusseldorf, Decanter London, Sommelier’s Choice Awards USA.

Due to the invasion of the enemy, we could not deliver wine to all four, but we have the results of two competitions.


🏆 Paris Wine Cup 2022 – Paris Wine Cup:

🌟 Troyanda Carpat 2017 – 91 points, Gold Medal

🌟 Furmint 2019 – 68 points, Bronze Medal

🌟 Cabernet Franc 2018 – 71 points, Bronze Medal

Also, the wine “Troyanda Carpat” received “Best Wine by Quality Award”!


But that’s not all.

Mundus Vini – probably one of the most well-known and strict competitions where the best wineries of the world participate. Here is our result:

🌟 Pinot Noir 2018 – 84 points

🌟 Carpathian Sekt Chersegi – 85 points

🌟 Furmint 2019 – 87 points




Hugo Gutman, the founder of Chateau Chizay says:

“In the worst days of the war, we cannot neglect any positive news, every smallest victory matters these days.

I am happy to have a wonderful team, and I especially want to congratulate our winemakers, enologists, agronomists. Such scores first of all indicate the result of our work for ourselves.

I wish to celebrate Victory of Ukraine, our fight for freedom and human values together with friends from all over the world with a glass of Ukrainian wine!

We believe that this will happen very soon.”