Posted: 27.06.2022

Water from Transcarpathia was sent to the affected cities of Eastern Ukraine by Memories and Roots Foundation

Water is life, one of the most valuable resources of mankind. Russian aggression in the most affected cities of Ukraine deprived Ukrainians of water supply. Today, an initiative from Transcarpathia – the Memories and Roots Foundation – seeks to help people suffering from water shortages in the affected regions.



The Memories and Roots Zakarpattia was founded by two men –  Alex Rovt and Gennady Gutman.

In the early days of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the foundation launched a campaign in which people from Transcarpathia (mostly the United States and Israel) donated money to support those most in need.

At peak times, when the region received large numbers of IDPs, food was provided to hundreds of people and other support was provided.


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Today, the Foundation focuses on another incredibly important need – to provide affected cities with drinking water. Purchased 10 trucks of water (more than 120,000 tanks) for the affected cities of Eastern and Southern Ukraine. There, people who have faced the horrors of war will receive water directly.

“Water is the most necessary resource. The foundation received many inquiries about drinking water, because in many cities affected by the bombing, shelling, and occupation, the water supply disaster.

It is important for us that the water was the best, which means – from our native Transcarpathia. This, of course, also supports the local economy.

Today, we are all united for the sake of life, helping people and the Victory of Ukraine,” – said Alex Rovt.


Gennady Gutman, the founder of the Transcarpathian winery Chateau Chizay, says:

“Together we can do a lot more, so we personally made calls and sent emails to reach out to anyone who could give at least a dollar. And people who have not lived in Transcarpathia for 40 years, still sincerely love their homeland, their Ukraine, and gladly supported the initiative.

Frankly, we didn’t even expect so many friends to help. Thank you, everyone! Special thanks to Zakarpattia Regional Authorities for assistance in organizing water delivery by railroads”.

The foundation, which has launched large-scale humanitarian work since the beginning of the invasion, will continue to help those people in Ukraine where it is most needed.

On June 24, the first consignment of drinking water – three wagons with about a hundred pallets – went east.

Water from Transcarpathia will be given to residents of the affected regions, which are close to the front line, and the military, who heroically defend Ukraine.