Posted: 26.03.2024

The route Ukraine – Scotland! Why do wine barrels head to Glasgow and what does whisky have to do with it?

Our barrels are heading to Scotland to our new friends at Chateau Chizay Brave New Spirits. The oak barrels, where the legendary “Troyanda Karpat” and “Zakarpatsky Kahor” were aged, will now become the place where a new drink will be crafted – a special Scottish whiskey by the masters from Glasgow.



Partnership with Brave New Spirits is our new collaboration.

We have already created hoppy ales with Tzypa Brewery, aged green coffee beans from Svit Kavy in wine barrels…

Next up is premium Scotch!


Troyanda Karpat

Golden Collection

677 UAH

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How did it happen?

We met the masters of Brave New Spirits at the ProWein Dusseldorf exhibition, had a conversation, and discovered that there’s something in common between Ukrainian wine and Scottish whisky.

Moreover, we are truly alike. We share similar energy, approach, and passion for what we do, and we’re both dedicated to producing top-notch products.

By the way, we even share the same awards – in 2023, we celebrated medals from the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles together.

So who are our new friends?

Brave New Spirits are innovative and passionate producers who create various whiskies from brands to exclusive releases, known for their experimental approach. They seek the best Scottish whisky and ensure its aging in the most famous and rare barrels in the world.

Brave New Spirits releases whisky with a strong focus on origin, individuality, quality, class, and of course, taste.

All of this speaks to the very similar philosophy of our companies, so we believe that together, in synergy, we will create something extraordinary and “charged.”

We are incredibly excited about this collaboration! Are you interested?

To be continued…