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The winemaking complex Chizay was founded in 1995 in the town of Beregovo which is situated in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, on beautiful gorge Chizay where Ukraine borders with Hungary. The plant was built using the most advanced technologies in construction and winemaking at the time.

Currently, the Chizay factory is a modern industrial full production cycle wine making complex consisting of its own vineyards, primary wine making plant (on which the processing of grapes and making wine takes place), a secondary wine making plant (where the finished product is bottled), wine storages, tasting rooms, offices and warehouses.

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Wine Tourism

In September 2010, Chizay Winery, inaugurated a Tasting Room that is situated at the very territory of the production complex in an ancient winemaking corner of Europe — Beregovo of Transcarpation county, where producing refined wines is an old tradition.

The Chizay Tasting Room was opened with the aim of raising the cultural level of wine drinking, acquainting the consumers with the traditional Transcarpathian wines, which have unique aromas, and have a well deserved place amongst the high quality wines produced in other world-famous winemaking regions.

Now everyone who wishes can dip into the fascinating world of Chizay wines, visit its wine warehouses, become familiar with the secrets of producing noble beverages, and get acquainted with the products of a wine producing company in the specialized Tasting Room

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