Wine tourism in Transcarpathia

Did you know, thay the hisory of winemaking
in Zakarpattia comes from the Medievals?

Wine tourism in Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia is not only mountains, sanatoriums and mineral water,
but also the edge of historical winemaking.

A little of useful information about wine tourism in Chateau Chizay

We developed wine tastings, excursions and tours that suit all guests.

Corporate tours for employees

Family trip by car

Student group

Young backpackers travelling by train

Group from a tourist agency

You may come with your kids and they will enjoy as well

Some of these tours can be booked only for the group, and some tours can be joined every day.

  • The easiest way to get to us is by car. You are driving in the direction of the town of Berehove in Transcarpathian region, and road signs will lead to us. Chateau Cizay is easy to find by its name in all GPS. Just in case, here are our coordinates: 48.225361, 22.640892

  • If you travel by train, you will get to our Chateau easy as well. There is a direct train Kiev-Solotvyno, which stops in Berehove. Or other trains to Transcarpathia, with a stop in the town of Mukachevo. Regular buses ravel from the central bus station throughout the day. You need to stop at Chateau Chizay. The road from Mukachevo to Chateau takes about 35 minutes. For a company of 4 people, a taxi from Mukachevo to Chateau Chizay will cost an attractive price, and maybe this way is more convenient!

  • Various buses from Uzhhorod, Lviv, Kiyv will take you directly to Mukachevo, where you can make a transfer at the central bus station, or come directly to Berehove.

  • Well, if you fly to us, the nearest airports are Lviv, Budapest, Debrecen and Kosice. We hope that the airport in Uzhhorod will be put into operation as soon as possible.

If you have any quaestions about partnership in tourism, please contact us:

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