Nordic walking in the vineyard vineyards Chateau Chizay - Chateau Chizay

Nordic walking at vineyards of Chateau Chizay

Nordic walking is a popular trend today.
So why not take a healthy walk,
enjoy picturesque views of the vineyards
and fresh Carpathian air?

Nordic walking at vineyards of Chateau Chizay

This unique tour combines a fitness walk through the most picturesque vineyards of Ukraine with immersion in the fascinating world of viticulture and winemaking from Chateau Chizay.

Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you will master Nordic Walking techniques and special breathing exercises that will prevent or restore lung health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nordic walking has almost no restrictions and involves 90% of your muscles without straining your joints.

A professional photographer will save wonderful positive emotions at the picturesque vineyards.

This day full of impressions will satisfy the most demanding tourists!

  • Time: 7,5-8 hours
  • Sezon: may-november only good weather days
  • Group from 5 persons
  • Good for all ages (including kids from 120 см height)
  • Ideal for tour groups, corporate and holiday trips
  • Professional pictures from photographer
  • Tasty present from Chateau Chizay



  1. Master class on Nordic walking and breathing post-COVID gymnastics with a walk in the picturesque vineyards of Chatea Chizay 3-3.5 hours (stick rental included).
  2. Professional photo shoot during a walk through the vineyards for 2 hours.
  3. Traditional delicious Transcarpathian lunch in the gazebo in the middle of the vineyards.
  4. Excursion to the winery Chateau Chizay.
  5. Visit to the cellar, where unique wines are born and stored.
  6. Visit to the Museum of Winemaker Chiz.
  7. Classic wine tasting from a professional sommelier.
  • Fitness may be contraindicated after recent surgery and exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Nordic walking in the vineyard is possible in favorable weather conditions.

Contact phone number:
Head and author of the tour –  Olena Motuzenco +380683223415
Manager Tetiana Pavlova +38 0671673976


Olena Motuzenko

President of the National Wine and Gastronomic Tourist Network "Roads of Wine and Taste of Ukraine"

The tour is a rich weekend recreation program that best meets the needs of residents of large cities (friends, families, corporate teams).
I recommend this holiday as a national expert in wine and gastronomic tourism, as a person in love with Chateau Chizai and a sincere supporter of the Nordic walking!

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