Ukrainian wine tour - visit famous Chateau Chizay in Carpathians

Wine tourism in Zakarpattia

We are proud with what we are doing.
We have nothing to hide - we are open to every guest.
You are welcome to visit our Chateau Chizay and we recomend
our tours and tastings!

Chizay Valley Tour

This is our pride. Let us make a confession: We are a bit envious for our tourists!

Chizay Valley Tour is a dive into the world of wine and winemaking and vivid holiday with Chateau Chizay. This tour combines all the best that we have.

It is best suited for tourist groups when visiting Berehovo district, for corporate parties and holidays, special weekends. We recommend this tour after visiting one of the thermal complexes situated nearby.

Chizay Valley Tour includes tasting of our wines, tour to the museum, visits of vineyards on Mt. Mala and lunch of dishes cooked on fire. Chizay Valley Tour is full of emotions.

An exclusive vineyard trip is delight inspired by the beauty of our plantations. This landscape impresses every time! We provide transportation to get to the hills. And in the heart of the vineyards in a cosy gazebo, we will cook for you a true Bograch, the legendary Hungarian soup-goulash, on the fire in the big cauldron. Fresh vegetable snacks and our limited grappa (you can taste it only here!) will add a taste to your vacation!

We recommend this tour after visiting one of the thermal complexes situated nearby.
We also recommend this tour for corporate parties.

Please note that this tour provides you with opportunity to take unforgettable colourful photos from the vineyards!

  • Cost: 370 UAH
  • Duration 3-3.5 hours
  • Season: spring-autumn in good weather
  • A group of 20 people, an individual order with fewer guests
  • Suitable for children
  • Wonderful walk with vivid photos of vineyards
  • Contact phone number for booking: +38 (067) 322 99 10; +38 (050) 432 05 25

Tour includes:

1) Excursion on the territory of the enterprise
2) Visit to wine depositories, where you will find out how wine is produced nowadays
3) Visit to our Museum of Winemaker Chiz
4) Wine tasting from professional sommelier!
5) Transfer to the Chizay Valley (5 km) and climb to our grape plantations
6) Colourful and delicious lunch in a gazebo in the middle of vineyards

Contact phone number for ordering: +38 050 432 05 25

Our tourist offers are recommended by the head of a travel company and a specialist in regional tourism Edita Nebesnik.


Edita Nebesnik

Managing Director of Tourist Company Camelia Tour

Chizay Valley Tour is a unique tourist product in Transcarpathia.
I highly recommend this experience both for individual tourists traveling by car or train, and for large tourist groups.
This tour is a great way to spend time. Tasting, excursions, and a bright holiday with Bograch cooked on fire among vineyards. Our tourists are always happy and bring unique photos from the vineyards!
I also recommend this tour for corporate events.

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