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6 cans of ROSE with Grapefruit 0,33 l


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ROSE with Grapefruit is a wonderful mix of pink wine from Pinot Noir grapes and juicy grapefruit, which together form a bright bouquet. The taste is mild, with light fruity notes, moderately sweet, with a pleasant freshness of grapefruit. It tastes best chilled at temperatures from 6 ° C to 8 ° C.

The drink is based on light dry wine of early harvest. Delicate sweetness is provided by the addition of grape juice, which also reduces the alcohol. Natural fruit extract was used to create this pleasant drink. It is saturated with carbon dioxide, which provides a pleasant sparkling texture.

  • Volume - 0, 33 л

  • Alc. - 6,9%

  • Sugar - 70 g/l

  • Color - Rose

  • Grape variety - Pinot Noir

  • cocktails


  • dessert


  • fruit


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