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Sakura Zakarpattya

Chizay winery has released Sakura Zakarpattya - an incredibly delicious fine wine made from grapes of harvest 2016 and bottled in limited quantities. This wine is dedicated to the Cherry Blossom Blooming Holiday in Transcarpathia which starts in mid-April.

In order to create this wine, superior quality grapes were used from specially allocated areas of Chizay vineyards.

Special care of vines, optimal solar warmth, harvest when the sugar content is the highest and careful selection of grapes imparted exceptional taste and aroma to these wines. We are offering this festive Sakura Zakarpattya wine in such assortment:

Rose dry wine “Sakura Zakarpattya”
White dry wine “Sakura Zakarpattya”

Volume: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 9,0-14,0% by volume.

Sakura Zakarpattya white wine

White dry grape wine

Magical, transparently golden colored wine with pleasant fruity-floral taste and tones of apricot and berries. Its bouquet has an amazing aroma of honey and linden blossom.

Volume: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 9,0-11,0% by volume.

Sakura Zakarpattya rose wine

Rose dry grape wine

Refreshing rose wine made from Pinot Noir grape variety. This wine has a pleasant, typical for Rose wines light pink colour. Its taste is soft and harmonious with clean and light aroma.