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Kosher wine

Chateau Chizay's Kosher Wines are produced from specially selected grapes under the control of the Chief Rabbi of Zhitomir, Shlomo Wilhelm of Central and Western Ukraine. Our facilities have also received their "ОК Р" certificate under Kashruth Administrator, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy from the "OK Kosher Certification" indicating that these wines are Kosher for Passover. All requirements of Mevushal have been met.

Объем: 0,75 л
Спирт - 12,5 %
Сахар - 4-5%


Кошерное красное вино производится из специально отобранного винограда сортов Каберне Совиньон и Мерло.

Это элегантное и гармоничное вино с приятной терпкостью во вкусе и продолжительным послевкусием.

Аромат вина наполняют цветочные и фруктовые ноты.

Вино создано специально для экспорта в США.

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Объем: 0,75
Спирт - 9,0-11,0% об.
Сахар - 3,5-4,5% мас.

НОВИНКА Muskotaly (Мушкотай)

Полусладкое белое кошерное вино Chateau Chizay Muskotály создано из винограда сорта Мускат Оттонель, выращенного на виноградниках Чизай. Оно имеет особый и очень приятный фруктово-цветочный аромат с легкими нотами пряностей. Это в меру сладкое вино, сбалансированное и гармоничное, с длительным послевкусием мускатного винограда.

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Volume: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 9,2-13,0%
Sugar: 3.0-5.0%


Semi-sweet slightly carbonated white grape wine

Chateau Chizay Moscato is an elegant semi-sweet white wine with the marvellous aroma of flowers and ripe fruits. Light, amazingly fresh and harmonious taste has a good balance between refreshing acidity and sweet fruity notes. Moscato wine is fascinating by itself as an aperitif but also pairs well with light appetizers, seafood, cheeses and fruits. Pleasant to consume chilled.

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Volume – 0,75l
Alc. 10,0-13,0%

Cabernet Dry

Dry Red Wine

Recognized for its intensity of color and rich flavor, this full bodied wine is excellent as a before or after drink. Its smoothness and rich earthly flavor overwhelms the palate and possesses a distinctive fragrance of berrie

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Volume – 0,75l
Alc. 10,0-13,0%
Sugar 0,5-2,5%


Semi-dry Red Wine

This classic Semi-dry Red Wine has a light finish and contains less tannin's that many other reds. Its smooth finish is ideal with pasta and chicken dishes.

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Volume – 0,75l
Alc. 10,0-13,0%
Sugar 3,0-5,0%


Semi-sweet Red Wine

This delicious full bodied semi-sweet wine is ruby red in color and offers flavorful hints of fruits. The velvety finish pairs well with spicy and salty foods as well as fried meals, cheeses, chocolates and nuts.

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