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Homemade Chizay Wine

Transcarpathia is the region of winemaking and Beregovo is its capital! As long ago as the thirteenth century, residents of Beregovo were engaged in viticulture. In XVII century best samples of wines from the region were delivered to the courtyard of Mukachevo Castle and were highly regarded in Europe. Based on centuries-old experience of Transcarpathian winegrowers and winemakers, "Chizay" trademark produces unique Homemade wines of fine bouquet which give a whole range of taste sensations and convey the philosophy of Sun and Wine Region. Homemade Chizay wine is special! It is made by using traditional equipment, according to old recipes of Transcarpathian winemakers who gained experience from generation to generation. Classical recipes and traditions of making Chizay Homemade wine are complemented by a multistage laboratory control using modern equipment, which guarantees high quality of products and preservation in wine the most beneficial nutrients and curative properties of grape.

We are offering two types of Chizay Homemade wine:

- White semisweet
- Rose semisweet

Volume – 1 l
Alc. 9,0-11,0%
Sugar 3,0-5,0%



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