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It all starts with the vine

The sacrament of making wine is perfected when there is an understanding that each stage of development is important. Only then can excellent results be yielded. However, it all starts from the vine!

Viticulture is considered a science because meticulous knowledge and work is required in an effort to perfect the grapes they produce, and wines that follow. All of this is greatly influenced by the conditions the vine grows in; the climate, soil, terrain, as well as the height above sea level.  Виноградники в ЗакарпатьеAlso taken into consideration is the degree of orientation to the east slope of the hill on which the vines grow.

Transcarpathia is simply the ideal place for growing grapes. Our vineyards are sheltered by the Carpathian Mountains preventing the dry eastern and cold northern winds from reaching the vines. The climate is temperate continental with balanced precipitations and summers and autumns are long and warm while our winters are brief and mild.

Soil and water are enriched with natural minerals. In fact, mineral springs are found throughout the region, saturating the soil in which our vineyards are grown. This provides our vines with natural water as well as valuable trace elements. As a result, Transcarpathian wines are considered pure and healthy.

Since 2006, we have continued to plant white, pink and red grapes in the warmer areas of Transcarpathia,a on land totaling an area of 272 hectares, of which:

  • 70 hectares are located in Beregovo, tract Small Mountain
  • 81 hectares in the village of Zavidovo, Mukachevo district
  • 121 hectares in the village Midyanytsya, Irshava district

Elite Austrian seedlings of European grape varieties acclimated well to Carpathian soil. Our company was the first in Ukraine to apply a new technology in which we used a modern special harvester to plant young seeds rather than doing it manually as done in previous years.

Our experienced viticulturists care for our vineyards year round, combining traditional approaches, such as the harvesting by hand as well as using modern technology for the care and protection of vineyards.

We welcome everyone to visit us and evaluate the results of our efforts – our excellent quality wines "Chizay"!

Виноград для вина (Чизай)