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Transcarpathia – Considered one of the most beautiful regions of Ukraine is rich with natural elements giving way to some of the best preserved flora and fauna in Europe. The breadth and expanse of fields, unique landscape and fast-flowing rivers are a marvel to glance at. Most importantly, the region is the only one in the country officially recognized as a natural reserve giving way to the production of delicious and eco-friendly wine.

Region for growing grapes for wineGreen terraces of vineyards have adorned the majestic slopes of the Carpathians for over three thousand years. Grapes, exposed to the sun ripen by absorbing the crisp mountain air as well as the natural elements of the reserved land.

Grapes are thermophilicby nature hence requiring a significant amount of heat for continuous healthy growth and development.Transcarpathia, geographically located in the heart of Europe is situated perfectlyas the surrounding mountains effectively protect the region from the cold north winds. In addition, the wet temperate continental climate promotes warm summers and mild winters all of which make growing grapes for wine production ideal.

Transcarpathias climatic conditions are similar to those of the south of Burgundy and Chablis in France. Additionally, its natural ecosystem provides the soil and water with minerals and mineral springs, all of which contribute to our vineyards with valuable micronutrients. 

Chizay situated their vineyards in the most ideal natural location. Our guests can’t help but notice their majestic beauty, the incomparable taste of the grapes they produce and the wines created from them.